Serving as the starting quarterback for Tehachapi his freshman, sophomore end junior seasons, Ernie Muro Sr. (#1 jersey on the bottom left)
helped the Warriors to their first two valley championships during the 1951 and 1952 seasons, compiling a 25-5-1 record overall under center.

Remembering A Legend
Ernie Muro Sr. the Epitome of Warrior Spirit

Posted on August 3, 2009, by Tom Shea, The Tehachapi News

Heart and dedication has always been something the Muro family has been accustomed to in the sports arena.

For nearly 60 years, Tehachapi has enjoyed countless titles and records, serving up a multitude of young athletes that represent integrity, passion and a will to win.

One of the founding fathers of this continued Warrior spirit can be found with local legend Ernie Muro Sr., who will be celebrated this Saturday (August 8, 2009) at the Warrior Fundraiser Golf Tournament as its annual honoree for accolades as an athlete and life of service to the kids in Tehachapi.

“Ernie was a phenomenal player,” said friend Lloyd Johnson. “He had so many records in high school and without a doubt he was one of the best I’ve ever seen. For those that remember, he was a heck of a snooker (pool) player as well.”

Playing in 1951-1953, Muro is remembered as one of the few players to start his freshman through junior seasons on the varsity team both in football and basketball, while also serving as a standout in track and field.

Because he started school a year late, Muro was 19 his senior year and was ineligible to participate in athletics due to the age barrier. Despite this, Muro led the Warriors in three seasons to an 18-1 record his first two years at quarterback, winning two CIF titles, while also averaging 20 points a game as a forward for Mountain Basketball and serving as a school record holder in both the shot put and discus.

Ernie was part of a family pedigree during the 40’s and 50’s decade along with his four brothers Fred, Rudy, Alfonso (Al) and Joe, who were standout athletes in their own right for Tehachapi.

“Ernie and his brothers really loved sports. They made athletics an important part of his life and they really strived to be the best,” said Patty Johnson (Muro). “He was a wonderful husband and father as well. His biggest joy was watching his kids play ball.”

As an adult, Muro was as much an integral part of Warrior athletics as he was in his youth, helping to support children Cindy, Andy, Marcus and Ernie Jr. into model citizens and memorable athletes in Warrior lore.

Ernie Muro was born in 1935 and passed away unexpectedly in 1995, living the majority of his 59 fruitful years in Tehachapi. He was a proud employee of Monolith/Cal Portland Cement Co, helping to build Coy Burnett Stadium through the company’s generous donations and helping to maintain the fields for the children year-after-year.

“One of the things that made my dad so great was he supported us the right way in sports. He taught us life lessons,” said proud son Ernie Muro Jr. “He never pushed, but he had a way of building us up and making us the best we could be. He never pressured, he just loved us and supported us in all that we did.”

Through his children, and all that participate in Tehachapi sports, Muro’s life will always be synonymous with Mountain Athletics.

His legend and memory live on through the kids that play.

Ernie Muro Sr. was the Captain of the 1953-54 Warrior varsity basketball team. Muro (#12 above), kneeling alongside coach John Goodell,
was a tremendous basketball player averaging close to 20 points per game.