Doug DeGeer to be named the next Tehachapi High School football coach, replacing Hall of Famer Steve Denman.
DeGeer is currently an employee of the Tehachapi Unified School District and has been active as a coach in the district.
Photo by Casey Christie, The Bakersfield Californian Media Group.

DeGeer To Be Named New Warriors Head Football Coach

Posted on Feb. 23, 2017 by John Nelson, The Tehachapi News

Doug DeGeer, who grew up and played high school football in Tehachapi, reportedly will be named the new Warriors varsity head football coach, replacing Hall of Famer Steve Denman.

DeGeer is an English teacher at Tehachapi High School and has been an assistant coach on both the freshman football and junior varsity baseball teams.

Official announcement of DeGeer's hiring apparently is pending approval of the Tehachapi Unified School District board, which next meets on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Tehachapi Sports initially reported the hiring of DeGeer on its Twitter account, saying that DeGeer's assistants would be 2016 JV head coach Ryan Grimes, Jason Grimes and Ralph Curiel.

DeGeer, a second-team all-league offensive lineman for the Warriors in 1999, moved to Tehachapi in 1986 with his family and still lives here with his wife, Danielle, who also grew up in Tehachapi.

Denman and DeGeer appear to be cut from much the same bolt of cloth. The Warriors can only hope he has the same type of success.

Denman, like DeGeer a former Warrior player, was hired in 1981 as a 24-year-old with little experience after he returned from college to teach at Tehachapi.

Denman retired last January after 35 years and 301 career victories as head coach at Tehachapi. He also was elected to the Bob Elias Kern County Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.

Denman's advice to his replacement at the helm of the Warriors: “You've just got to make your own way, find your own path. It's a good place to coach.”