Warrior QB Paul Stephens #14 hands the ball off to senior running back Zach Dean as quard Jason Caudle #55 leads the way during intra-squad
scrimmage action held at Coy Burnett Field Saturday, August 13. Photo by The Tehachapi News.

Warriors Host First Intra-Squad Scrimmage

Posted August 16, 2016, by John Nelson, The Tehachapi News

The Warriors donned pads last week and held an intra-squad scrimmage at Coy Burnett Field as they prepared for their season opening football game on Friday night, Sept. 2, at Burroughs.

With several positions — like quarterback and running back — still up for grabs, the scrimmage on Saturday morning, Aug. 13, will aid head coach Steve Denman and his staff in sorting things out.

“We really haven’t broken the film down yet,” Denman said the following day. “We saw some good things, some things to work on. The guys are learning.

“They were hustling to the ball, that’s the big key.”

Next Friday, on Aug. 19, the Warriors will participate in a full scrimmage at Taft that will include Tehachapi, South and Taft.

“Our next evaluation will be after the Taft scrimmage, when we’re hitting somebody other than ourselves,” Denman said. “After that, we’ve got two more weeks before the season.

“It’ll be a three- or four-week evaluation, and it will all depend on who comes along, who improves the most.”

The Taft scrimmage was scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m., to avoid as much of the heat as possible.

“It’ll be hot, but it won’t be dangerously hot,” Denman said.

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