Jon Curry Named New
Warrior Booster President

Posted July 8, 2014 by Matthew Martz, The Tehachapi News

The Warrior Booster Club has a new leader.

Jon Curry, who has not previously held any club board position, was appointed June 25, as the club's new president.

Curry will replace Maria Curiel, who stepped down after two years as president.

"The Warrior Boosters has had such a great deal of community support over the years from parents ,alumni and businesses all helping to support the Warrior Boosters," Curry said. "And I look forward to maintaining those great relationships and developing new ones as well."

Curry and his wife Stacy have been involved with Warriors Boosters since 2011, helping out with events such as "Meet the Warriors", the Annual Reverse Drawing Dinner, the Wing T Camp and a few membership drives.

"Stacy was really helping out before I was," Curry said. "She got me interested in the Warrior Boosters."

That interest has spanned three years, starting when the Curry's first child Logan (class of 2011) and second child Ty (class of 2014) who participated in football and Track at Tehachapi High School.

The couple's third son, Garrett is now entering THS this upcoming year, and is also a multi-sport athlete. And while Curry is excited about is new role, he also recognizes he is filling some very big shoes.

"I would like to start by saying what a class act Maria is, and what a great job she has done turning Warrior Boosters in to a financially healthy and positive support program for THS athletics," he said. "Maria has done such a great job of taking a struggling organization and turning it around. Her drive and ability to get things done and make things happen has been quite amazing. "

Curiel's journey with the booster's began nearly a decade ago, when she and a friend responded to an ad in the newspaper.

"The booster club was looking for people to help out, and we both joined," Curiel said. "We decided to start fundraising and recruiting board members."

Curiel would quickly become a board member herself, and would spend the next nine years serving as secretary, recruiting new members, fundraising and developing procedures for the club, including establishing a budget so that money could be fairly distributed to all THS teams.

Those procedures will now be carried out by a Curry and a board that Curiel said she is convinced will do a good job.

"I've been recruiting volunteers since the first day I took a position," she said. "I knew I would not leave the board if it didn't have committed volunteers. I am confident that the new board will continue the traditions."

In keeping with those traditions, Curry recognized there will be many long hours ahead of him as he searches for new and exciting opportunities for fundraising, and said he has the support he will need to keep the organization heading in the right direction.

"I would also like to add that there are so many people who work tirelessly within Warrior Boosters organization" he said. "And that it is such a great group to be a part of."