The 2013 Warrior coaching staff includes, left to right, assistant coaches Bill Carll, Dennis Ruggles, Patrick Snyder, Pat Kaiser, and head coach Steve Denman.
Carll and Ruggles are former head coaches in the Warrior program; Snyder is an alumnus of THS and the current Athletic Director; Kaiser is new to the program;
and Denman begins his 32nd year as the head coach of the program. Photo Credit: Denise Rhodes

Warriors Signal In New Season
Scrimmage This Friday at South Bakersfield

Posted August 20, 2013 by Tom Shea, The Tehachapi News

The season is officially upon us, and to celebrate the birth of football in 2013, the Warriors showcased their speed
and size for the community in a controlled intra-squad scrimmage at Coy Burnett Field last Saturday morning.

The first action against another team will be this Friday night, August 23, 2013, at South-Bakersfield in a non-scoring scrimmage.
The freshman and jayvee squads will play on a split field at 5 p.m. and the varsity teams will begin action at 7 p.m.

Probably more than any scrimmage in the valley, this one will probably have the most significance in signaling in the new season for Kern County teams. All eyes will be on the coaches, players and fans at South. Earlier this summer, longtime South head coach John Wren passed away in his sleep and summer workouts have been a heart-wrenching lesson in perseverance for the players he left behind. Even though he cannot be replaced, South will undoubtedly be looking forward to their first action on the field and will want to play strong for their late head coach. South should be a good early test for the Warriors, who finished the season with a winning record in 2012 and a second place finish in the South Yosemite League behind Ridgeview.

Opponent's 2012 Record: 7-5 (3-1 South Yosemite League)

Opponent's Top Player Returning: #2 Keith Evans - Senior (252 yards passing, 638 yards rushing, 8 TDs)

2013 Mountain Football Coaching Staff

Coaching Mountain Football this year will be Steven Denman. Assisting the coaches this year will be Bill Carll, Dennis Ruggles, Patrick Snyder and newcomer Patrick Kaiser, who joined the staff this summer.

Kaiser will coach defensive backs and special teams after moving to Tehachapi this past spring. The new coach brings a wealth of experience, serving as a standout quarterback and safety at Warren High School in Los Angeles and most recently serving 10 years in the Marine Corps. He also played college baseball at Bakersfield College and Avila University (Missouri).

Support staff for Mountain Football this year includes Roger Davis (trainer), Chris Gray and Larry Krueger (physical therapy), Gary Warner, and Tom Shea (stats and media), Michael Duffy (photo and media) and Rick, DJ and Michael Rickheim (video).

Coaching the Jayvee Braves this season will be Ryan Grimes along with assistants Jason Grimes, Matt Schneider, Jason Hail, Jimmy Lopez and Cody Rogers. Bruce Schkade will head up the Freshman Indians, assisted by Doug DeGeer, Ben Farinas, David Lara and Chris Counihan.

Breakdown of 2013 Warrior Football Team

Tehachapi's varsity squad will feature 57 athletes overall, with 27 seniors, 26 juniors and five sophomores.

Senior athletes this season include #1 Micah Fjeld (TE/LB), #5 Trent Reynolds (RB/DB), #6 Kenny Sharp (Manager), #7 Bobby Sharp (QB/LB), #9 David Carter (RB/LB), #10 Skylar Valencia (RB/DB), #13 Evan Hackney (WR/DB), #18 Victor Rodriguez (WR/DB), #24 Steven Cross (WR/DB), #26 Justin Handy (WR/DB), #28 Tyler Kroeger (WR/DB), #30 Robert South (WR/DB), #32 Christian Terle (RB/LB), #34 Isaiah Hutto (RB/DB), #37 Caleab Hutto (RB/DB), #42 Ty Curry (RB/LB), #43 Nathan Evans (RB/LB), #45 Logan Soto (TE/DL), #47 Ray Hackleman (RB/LB), #52 Joseph Blewett (OL/DL), #56 Sean Casey (OL/DL), #58 Matt Root (OL/DL), #68 Gunther Murphy (OL/DL), #71 Jonathan Setter (OL/DL), #72 Noah Owens (OL/DL), #78 Joseph Barba (OL/DL) and #81 Dakota Medovitch (WR/DB).

Juniors for the Warriors are #4 Anthony Curiel (RB/DB), #11 Mikal Moore (WR/DB), #14 Michael Rosenberg (WR/DB), #15 Trevor Newton (WR/DB), #16 Joshua Castleberry (QB/DB), #17 Chris Flores (QB/DB), #20 Chris Rhodes (RB/LB), #21 Patrick Counihan (WR/DB), #22 Nick Steele (RB/LB), #23 Willy Urciel (RB/LB), #27 Connor Bethany (WR/DB), #35 Michael Bailey (RB/LB), #36 Ethan Averett (TE/LB), #44 Jerry Castaneda (RB/DL), #54 Sam Hanley (OL/DL), #55 Ben Farinas (OL/DL), #59 Devin Kohnen (OL/DL), #60 Trey Abarquez (OL/DL), #61 Greg Dodge (OL/DL), #64 Billy Schuster (OL/DL), #66 Connor O'Neal (OL/DL), #67 Rocky Radcliff (OL/DL), #75 Oscar Bejar (OL/DL), #76 Luke Potter (OL/DL), #80 PJ Simunovich (TE/LB) and #88 Juan Cabrera (WR/DB).

Coming up for their sophomore season on the varsity squad are #2 Jake Walters (WR/DB), #3 Angel Garcia (RB/LB), #8 Nathan Collier (WR/LB), #12 Chris Llamas (QB/DB) and #40 Thomas Blewett (RB/LB).

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