The Warrior serving team at this year’s pancake breakfast fundraiser included Steven Cross, Chris Terle, David Carter, Skylar Valencia, Bobby Sharp and Ty Curry.
The “voice” of Tehachapi Football Ed Grimes, said that this year’s pre-sales were toping the $3,000 mark and walkups boosted sales even further toward their $4,000 team goal. Photo by Nick Smirnoff

Football Practice Starts Next Week

Posted July 22, 2013 by Tom Shea, The Tehachapi News

Summer Practice for Mountain Football will officially start next Monday, July 29.

Fans are welcome to observe practice on the main Tehachapi High School campus. Please make sure to bring shade, lawn chairs and water.

Varsity will have two-a-day practice in the morning (6 a.m.) and evening (6 p.m.), while the jayvee and freshmen teams will practice in the evening (5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.).

Players will need to have their physical and paperwork on file prior to the first day of practice. If there are any questions, please contact varsity coach Steve Denman at 619-4187,
jayvee coach Ryan Grimes at 750-1068 or freshman coach Bruce Schkade at 972-1987.

The first game for Tehachapi will be a scrimmage against South in Bakersfield on August 23. The first official game of the season will be a home game
against Exeter on August 30. A full game schedule is available at

2013 Mountain Football

Varsity Returners & Spring Football Participants -- Bobby Sharp (QB, LB), Logan Soto (TE, DE), Sean Casey (OL, DL), Noah Owens (OL, DL), Gunther Murphy (TE, DL), Joseph Barba (OL, DL), Justin Handy (WR, DB), Dakota Medovitch (WR, DB, P), Greg Dodge (OL, DL), Dylan Smith (OL, DL), Nathan Evans (RB, LB), Ty Curry (RB, LB), Caleab Hutto (RB, DB), Micah Fjeld (TE, LB), Skylar Valencia (RB, DB), Isaiah Hutto (RB, DB), Steven Cross (RB, DB), Christian Terle (RB, LB), David Carter (RB, LB), Trey Abarquez (OL, DL), Mikal Moore (WR, DB), Michael Bailey (TE, LB), Ethan Averett (TE, LB), Chris Rhodes (RB, DB), Rocky Radcliff (OL, DL), Oscar Bejar (OL, DL), Connor O'Neal (OL, DL), Jacob Gray (RB, DB), Chris Llamas (QB, DB), Angel Garcia (RB, LB/DL), Gabe Dodge (OL, LB).

Additional Spring Football Participants -- Josiah Bartlett, Anthony Curiel, Chris Flores, Juan Cabrera, Colton Main, Nick Steele, Willy Urciel, Jerry Castaneda, Mitchell Marquez, Billy Schuster, Zach Allen, Trevor Newton, Sam Hanley, PJ Simunovich, Luke Potter, Ben Farinas, Connor Bethany, Jake Walters, Nathan Collier, Colten Eaton, Thomas Blewett, Caleb Huebner, Nic Ledesma, Jacob Gonzales, Lars Olofson, Kris Breedlove, Kyler Sasser, Ben Fleener, Cade Temple, Jacob Onufrak, Jonathan Hurtado, Wyatt Jorgensen, Andrew Lindsey, Eric Smith, Noah Whitlach, Zachary Birch, Ray Hackleman, Thomas Duran, Fletcher Allen, Austin Langon, George Reyes, Octavio Llamas, Ryan Poulson, Braden Ryan, Naithan Sischo, Chris Rosey, Casey Floie, Josh Corona, Teddy Diefenderfer, Jonathan Setter, Evan Hackney, Victor Rodriguez, George Ramirez, Shane Vohraesfeld, Devin Kohnen, Trent Reynolds, Tyler Kroeger, Michael Rosenberg.

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