The Garcia Family has been a fixture of success in local football for many years.
From left to right, Garcia family members Angel, Favian, Antonio, Jorge, Jorge Sr. and Rosana.

The Garcia Family: Great Times and Great People

Posted October 21, 2022, by John Kramer

As a coach and participant in the game of football for over 30 years, I cannot begin to explain how many
great people I have had the privilege to meet and work with.

This includes players, parents, coaches, volunteers, administrators and many more. The best times are
right here with mountain football. It has been rewarding and with so many people that
have been involved and it is nearly impossible to mention them all. What an honor it is
to know that you can be a part of such a huge tradition.

As I watch the Warriors this season, I am really enjoying all of the excitement it brings.
Our boys are a focused and hard-hitting bunch of young men who remind me of many
prior teams from our history. They are poised to make a title run with this
continued hard work. Go get ‘em, Warriors!

Mountain Football started with Tehachapi Youth Football when they were Tomahawks learning the basics of the game.
When they move up to high school, they have a good idea of the work and effort it takes to be a Warrior.

The Tomahawks have a history of about 45 years and many volunteers over the decades have been part
of its success that continues today. Thank you to the original founders who had
the vision and put it into action and to all that continue its success.

As a coach at TYF I have met some great families of Mountain Football, such as Jorge and Rosana Garcia
and their four sons, Jorge, Angel, Favian and Antonio.

Jorge Sr. became a coach and Rosana volunteered at the snack bar. All four boys played from age 8 to 18
and they earned many awards along the way.

Jorge was a part of a SSL and CIF Division II championship team and received the coaches award, SEYL first
team offense, team MVP, Hometown Sports All-Star and scholarship to Kentucky Christian University. Favian was
named all-league defense twice, Hometown Sports all-star and now studies as AV College
in the nursing field. Angel was a four-year starter for the Warriors, a TYF superbowl champion,
winner of multiple offensive and defensive awards including All-Area MVP, Hometown Sports all-star
and now works out-of-state in construction. Antonio was a TYF superbowl champion,
defensive lineman of the year twice and is now pursuing a career in law enforcement.

The parents put their sons in football because of the good character it builds. For me, it was amazing
to watch these players grow into men. The Garcia boys are all productive and decent citizens and credit
to their parents for helping to make this happen. All who coached them would agree, I am sure.

Mountain Football has a long-storied history of great teams and individual effort. This is one of those stories.

See you at the next game. Go Warriors!