Warrior Fan Poll #1 Results

Posted September 8, 2001

1993 Warriors Voted Best Team Of All-Time !
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Best football team in Tehachapi High School Warrior history?
1951 Warriors (9-0) 69 (18%)

1956 Warriors (10-0) 87 (23%)

1980 Warriors (13-0) 82 (22%)

1993 Warriors (13-0) 88 (24%)

1997 Warriors (12-1) 39 (10%)

365 Total votes

In our first Warrior Fan Poll, the 1993 Warriors were voted the greatest team in Warrior football history. This non-scientific poll ran for several months and concluded on September 7, 2001 at midnight with approximately 365 votes cast.

Candidate teams included the four Warrior teams that have gone undefeated. Those teams included the 1951 Warriors (9-0), the 1956 Warriors (10-0), the 1980 Warriors (13-0) and the 1993 Warriors (13-0).

The only other team considered in the poll was the powerful 1997 Warriors (12-1). While not considered in the poll, arguments could also be made for the five other teams that had one loss seasons including the 1981 Warriors (13-1), the 1973 Warriors (10-1), the 1955 Warriors (7-1), the 1952 Warriors (9-1) and the 1950 Warriors (7-1). Of additional interest, sixteen teams in Warrior history had seasons where they only lost two games.

An important part of the voting process was the ability for Warrior fans and boosters to leave comments regarding the selection of the "best Warrior football team of all time". While the truly talented 1993 won the poll by a mere vote, Warrior fans had plenty to say about other teams through the years ...

James H. Brown left a comment saying, "The 1951 team was obviously the one that all teams to follow would be judged by." Another Warrior fan stated, " ... the 1951 Warriors are unforgetable. The entire left side of the line plus the quarterback and the half-back from the team made all-conference". And Mary Lou Moore (Bailey), THS class of 1956, says " ... how lovely to read the comments of all you old jocks --- from a former cheerleader, of course. I believe my brother Robert Moore was on that highly discussed team of 1951. The best to all of you ---I shake my pom-poms at you."

One web site visitor stated, "Tehachapi was a very small school in 1956 and they beat some big schools to win the valley championship". One big win that year was over current football powerhouse Hart High School from Newhall!

Another Warrior fan said "everyone's forgetting the 1985 Warrior team who not only had Patrick Snyder and Ricardo Murgia, they arguably had the best questerback ever to play for the Warriors in Brett Oberg."

"JN" left a note saying "not only was the 1989 Warrior team stacked, but they had to beat Montclair Prep with the Sparks brothers and Michael Jones who were all Divisiuon 1 NCAA football players! If you think other teams were better than this team, than you didn't see LaVail Johnson and Anthony Kelly play!"

A number of web site visitors left positive comments about the 1997 Warrior team. One surfer stated, "the competition level of Kern County football gets better and better every year. I truly believe that the 1997 team was the best all around team of any year in Warrior football history. El Nino and Dos Palos was the only blemish on an otherwise perfect football season."

Perhaps Sal Murgia, a 1993 THS graduate, and former Warrior player, said it best by stating "it's funny, I think all of these teams are more or less even. Good fortune and luck have a lot to do with any team's success. You can't tell me one group of kids were "better" or worked harder then another. They ALL wore green, black, and white and played with Warrior pride. My brother Ricardo was on a CIF championship team, but the teams I played on were just 1 or 2 plays away from a CIF championship of our own ..."

The debate on the best team in Warrior history may never be settled. But hopefully some of the more successful teams, past and present, will be remembered for the truly special seasons they provided Warrior football fans.

The 1993 Warriors were voted the greatest team in THS history!