Setting Up The Teepee

Posted July 8, 2001

Mr. Orris Imhof (above) played a significant role in establishing Tehachapi High School. He was the sole faculty member and Principal during the 1928-29 school year. He went on to serve as the high school Principal from 1928-1939. Imhof left Tehachapi High to do research work at the University of California, Berkeley. Imhof worked at Berkeley for over 10 years before suddenly passing away in the spring of 1950.

As a tribute to Mr. Imhof, the athletic field south of the (old) high school campus was named in his honor. The field was dedicated in an emotional tribute to Mr. Imhof during the 1950 football season. Imhof was a strong proponent of establishing athletic programs at Tehachapi High School when he served as the Principal.

Tehachapi High School had its humble beginnings in 1928 when 22 students began the school year in an old apartment building. The effort to establish a high school in Tehachapi was led by Imhof. Before the high school in Tehachapi was established, students would have to take the long bus ride to Bakersfield. A local ballot measure was passed in 1928 to build a new high school and the new facility was constructed in time for the 1930-31 school year. Approximately 94 students walked through the doors of the new high school.

Tehachapi High School (above) in the 1930's.

Imhof Athletic Field, south of the (old) high school, was the home to the Warrior football program from the 1930's until 1957.
In 1958, the Warriors made the short move east to the new Coy Burnett Field.