Warriors versus Desert Scorpions (Edwards AFB)

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Desert High School opened its doors during the 1950-51 school year. The first senior class graduated in 1954. Desert High School is located on Edwards Air Force Base in the high desert east of Lancaster, CA.

The Warriors first began playing the Scorpion in 1955 and currently have a 27-11-1 advantage in the long time series. The two schools have not met in a football game since 1991. While Tehachapi was a member of the Desert-Inyo league (1957-1991), the Scorpions won one league championship in 1963.

Year-by-Year Results

1991Desert 19 00HLeague
1990Desert 21 13ALeague
1989Desert 27 12HLeague
1988Desert 07 19ALeague
1987Desert 16 06HLeague
1986Desert 12 00ALeague
1985Desert 14 06HLeague
1984Desert 10 07ALeague
1983Desert 15 20HLeague
1982Desert 17 14ALeague
1981Desert 03 15HPlayoff
1981Desert 17 07HLeague
1980Desert 28 00ALeague
1979Desert 14 02HLeague
1978Desert 06 09ALeague
1977Desert 00 20HLeague
1976Desert 32 00ALeague
1975Desert 26 00HLeague
1974Desert 20 00ALeague
1973Desert 24 14HLeague
1972Desert 12 26ALeague
1971Desert 45 06HLeague
1970Desert 25 00ALeague
1969Desert 45 14HLeague
1968Desert 21 13ALeague
1967Desert 06 12NPlayoff
1967Desert 13 13HLeague
1966Desert 00 12ALeague
1965Desert 13 07HLeague
1964Desert 13 06ALeague
1963Desert 07 06HLeague
1962Desert 06 35ALeague
1961Desert 06 00HLeague
1960Desert 13 12HLeague
1959Desert 07 26ALeague
1958Desert 14 19HLeague
1957Desert 20 07ALeague
1956Desert 40 00HNon League
1955Desert 26 00ANon League