1942-43 Warriors

League Record: 0-0 (4-4 Overall)

The 1942-43 Warriors were not identified in the school yearbook. A few of the identified players include #5 Bill Woods,
#7 Ray Castro, #11 Frank Hainline, #3 Bob Nelson, #6 Stuart Nelson, and top center is coach William Wohle.

World War II Limits Warriors To Short Season

The Warriors played an abbreviated schedule in 1942-43 due to the fiscal impacts of World War II. There was no formal league or
valley playoffs during the 1942-43 campaign. In coach William Wohle's only basketball season at Tehachapi High,
the Warriors won 5 games and lost 4 --- including an exhibition game victory over the local Marine team.

According to the 1942-43 Tomahawk Yearbook, 6'2" sophomore center Ray Castro led the Warriors in scoring netting 148 points
in 9 games; 6'0" senior Bill Woods contributed with 39 points; and 6'2" junior Frank Hainline scored 22 points but also
was "an outstanding defensive man".

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Game-by-Game Results

Jan 14Antelope Valley (Lancaster)  35 40A
Jan 15Antelope Valley (Lancaster)  41 30A
Jan 20US Marines (Mojave) ## 47 42H
Jan 22Wasco 13 26ARay Castro: 6 pts
Jan 23Wasco 25 36ARay Castro: 10 pts
Jan 29Antelope Valley (Lancaster)  40 29HRay Castro: 22 pts
Jan 30Antelope Valley (Lancaster)  29 25HRay Castro: 15 pts
Feb 19Maricopa  45 27ARay Castro: 17 pts
Feb 20Maricopa 22 34A

## Exhibition Game     * League Game