1936-37 Warriors

League Record: 0-8 (0-8 Overall)

For second year coach John "Ty" Sidener, the Warriors had a disappointing 1936-37 campaign. After losing their first three games,
Tehachapi elected to forfeit their remaining five league games due to "poor weather and team sickness".

Known players on the team include seniors Paul Forester, Theodore Franks, Miller Garrison, Robert Grind, George McLarity, Ernest Reisinger,
Bill Shallies, Pasqual Valdez, and Bill Weldon.

The 9-6 final score against McFarland was after three quarters of play; the game was called off due to "a wet floor from the rain".

Wasco won the South Sierra league in 1937 with a 7-1 record. The Sierra League consisted of five teams in 1937
including Wasco, McFarland, Maricopa, Shafter, and Tehachapi.

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Game-by-Game Results

Dec 15McFarland * 06 09H
Dec 18Wasco * 14 46A
Jan  8Maricopa * 29 31A
Jan 15Shafter * 00 02HForfeit
Jan 22McFarland * 00 02AForfeit
Feb  6Maricopa * 00 02HForfeit
Feb 13Wasco * 00 02HForfeit
Feb 20Shafter * 00 02AForfeit

* League Game