1934-35 Warriors

League Record: 2-2 (3-6 Overall)

The 1934-35 Warrior "A" team includes, left to right, Frank Narez, Fay Adams, Pasqual Valdez,
Robert Doupe, Robert Freeman, Robert Bronson, and Edward Mathisen.

The 1934-35 Warrior "A" team, under first year coach Matthews, improved on their play in the Desert League
by winning 2 and losing 2 for a third place finish. The previous season (1933-34), the Warriors were 0-4 in the Desert League.

Perhaps the biggest win of the year came in the season finale when the Warriors defeated McFarland in a barnburner, 24-22, in Tehachapi.
McFarland was the South Sierra League champion in 1934-35.

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Game-by-Game Results

Dec 15McFarland 08 27 N
Jan 11Taft Wildcats 12 42A
Jan 26Barstow * 21 06A
Feb 1Antelope Valley (Lancaster) * 18 41H
Feb 2Needles * 12 29A
Feb 9Victorville * 23 22H
Feb 22Bakersfield YMCA  ## 13 23A
Feb 23McFarland 24 22 H
Mar 1Needles   ## 09 13A
Mar 2Lone Pine  ## 00 02ALost; score unknown

## Exhibition Games      ## Antelope Valley Tournament     * League Game