1931-32 Warriors

League Record: 1-7 (0-0 Overall)

The 1931-32 heavyweight "A" team (Warriors) includes, left to right, front row, Lyle Jacobs, Jose "Topper" Narez, Byron Robineau, back row,
Coach Gus Offerman, Joe Errea, Bob McDaniel, Gordon Fraser, and Team Manager Adams.

The 1931-32 Tehachapi basketball program, under the watchfull eye of 2nd year coach Gus Offerman, formally joined the newly created
South Sierra League with the full compliment of three high school teams (A's, B's, and C's).

The three teams, lacking experience, depth, and heighth, lost nearly every league game in every division --- finishing 1-23.

The one bright spot for the heavyweights (A's) was 2nd team all-league selection Byron Robineau.
The lanky forward proved to be the team leader in every aspect of the game.

The five team league was won by Wasco. Wasco finished at 7-1 for the season, and in the first year of the new Valley Championship format,
lost to Kerman 30-20 in the small school finals.

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Game-by-Game Results

Jan 8Maricopa * 11 28A
Jan 9Shafter * 10 22H
Jan 15Barstow 00 02XLost; score unknown
Jan 23Wasco * 08 15H
Jan 26McFarland * 04 14N
Jan 30Maricopa * 00 02HForfeit
Feb 1Victorville  00 02HLost; score unknown
Feb 12McFarland * 02 00XWon; score unknown
Feb 19Wasco * 06 31A
Feb 25Antelope Valley (Lancaster) 00 00HPostponed; bus problem
Mar 4Shafter * 07 36A

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