1930-31 Warriors

League Record: 0-0 (3-3 Overall)

The first Warrior varsity basketball team of 1930-31. Coached by Gus Offerman, the starters include, left to right,
Bill Downs, Bob McDaniel, Team Captain and center Woodrow "Red" Farrar, Jose Narez, and Joe Errea.

The Tehachapi High School basketball program fielded its first team during the 1930-31 school year under head coach Gus Offerman. The red-and-white clad Warriors were known as a "B" team in their first season.

The Warrior team finished the season with a 3-3 overall record against opposing high school teams. The Warriors played a home-and-away series with the Lone Pine A's, Shafter B's, and the Antelope Valley B's.

The Warriors also played a number of exhibition games against the local "adult town team" the Tehachapi Athletic Club and also played the Associated Oil team from Bakersfield, a group of ex-collegiate basketball players.

The first Warrior basketball team of 1930-31 was led by the starting five of center Woodrow Farrar, forwards Jose Narez and Florencio "Zip" Castillo, and guards Robert McDaniels and Joe Errea. Other team players included Martin Errecart, Bill Downs, and Paul Kruger.

The first lightweight team, known as the "C's", lost all six of their games against high school teams.

While not a league member this season, the final "A" standings in the Kern County league were Bakersfield High (9-1); Taft (7-3); Maricopa (7-3); McFarland (3-7); Shafter (3-7); and Wasco (1-9).

Next season the Warrior basketball program would join the new South Sierra League with three classifications of teams --- the A's, B's, and C's.

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Game-by-Game Results

Jan 2Tehachapi Athletic Club ## 11 06H
Jan 7Tehachapi Athletic Club ## 33 23H
Jan 10Lone Pine 10 09A(2 OT)
Jan 24Associated Oil (Bakersfield) ## 22 48A
Jan 27Antelope Valley JV's (Lancaster) 21 27H
Feb 3Tehachapi Athletic Club ## 17 22H
Feb 7Lone Pine 15 14H
Feb 11Tehachapi Junior High ## 26 03H
Feb 13Shafter 14 34H
Feb 21Antelope Valley JV's (Lancaster) 21 20A
Feb 27Shafter JV's 07 08A

## Exhibition Games     * League Game