Warriors versus Bakersfield High Drillers

Bakersfield High School leads the all-time series 12-1. The two schools first met in 1940-41 and last played in 2022-23.
The two schools have not played too many times in the 70 years inbetween.

Bakersfield High School was founded in 1893 as Kern County High School, changed to Kern County Union High School in 1915,
and finally assumed the name of Bakersfield High School in 1945. Bakersfield High School was
the only high school in Bakersfield until East High School opened in 1937.

BHS is located in central Bakersfield and has a student population of 2,800 students (2012).

Year-by-Year Results

2022-23 Bakersfield High Drillers 51 34  NTournament
2019-20 Bakersfield High Drillers 43 63  NTournament
2013-14 Bakersfield High Drillers 44 60  NTournament
2010-11Bakersfield High Drillers 29 69 N  Tournament
2001-02Bakersfield High Drillers  38 61 N  Tournament
1999-00Bakersfield High Drillers  62 74 N  Tournament
1998-99Bakersfield High Drillers 32 94 N  Tournament
1948-49 (Game 2)Bakersfield High Varsity Reserves 26 49 H  Non League
1948-49 (Game 1)Bakersfield High Varisty Reserves 24 36 A  Non League
1947-48Bakersfield High Drillers 42 45 H  Non League
1943-44 (Game 2)Bakersfield High Drillers 15 42 A  Non League
1943-44 (Game 1)Bakersfield High Drillers 27 32 H  Non League
1940-41Bakersfield High Drillers 34 53 A  Non League