Warriors versus Bakersfield Christian High School

The Warriors lead the all-time series, 12-8. Tehachapi and BCHS played against each other in a heated rivalry from 2007 through 2012 as members of the South Sequoia League.

Bakersfield Christian (BCHS) is a private non-denominational, co-educational college preparatory high school. BCHS originally opened up in 1979-80 as Omega High School. In 1986-87, the name of the school was changed to Community Christian High School. A final name change would occur again when the high school became known as Bakersfield Christian in 1996-97.

BCHS joined the South Sequoia League (SSL) in 2006, moving up from the East Sierra League. BCHS is the smallest high school in the SSL, with a student population of roughly 500 students (2012).
BCHS is located at the corner of Stockdale Highway and Allen Road in west Bakersfield.

Year-by-Year Results

2015-16 Bakersfield Christian 62 54 NTournament
2014-15 Bakersfield Christian 70 47 NTournament
2013-14 Bakersfield Christian 57 52 NTournament
2011-12 (Game 2)Bakersfield Christian 51 71 A  South Sequoia League
2011-12 (Game 1)Bakersfield Christian  98 84 H  South Sequoia League
2010-11 (Game 2)Bakersfield Christian 85 60 H  South Sequoia League
2010-11 (Game 1)Bakersfield Christian 79 89 A  South Sequoia League
2009-10 (Game 2)Bakersfield Christian 64 72 A  South Sequoia League
2009-10 (Game 1)Bakersfield Christian 67 63 H  South Sequoia League
2008-09 (Game 2)Bakersfield Christian 56 73 A  South Sequoia League
2008-09 (Game 1)Bakersfield Christian 57 59 H  South Sequoia League
2007-08 (Game 2)Bakersfield Christian  46 48 H  South Sequoia League
2007-08 (Game 1)Bakersfield Christian  51 65 A  South Sequoia League
2006-07 (Game 2)Bakersfield Christian  54 66 A  South Sequoia League
2006-07 (Game 1)Bakersfield Christian 66 44 H  South Sequoia League

1990-91Community Christian 77 49 N  Tournament
1989-90Community Christian 87 73 N  Tournament
1988-89Community Christian 79 44 N  Tournament
1987-88Community Christian 70 38 N  Tournament
1986-87Community Christian 61 31 N  Tournament