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Chattahoochee Station

Chattahoochee Station is now Starfleet Atlanta
Space Station Chattahoochee was formed in January 1999 as a new chapter of Starfleet International by merging the two existing Starfleet International Chapters in Metro Atlanta. Chattahoochee Station publishes a bi-monthly newsletter available to members called "The Nexus" and maintains the Chattahoochee Station Forum with a message area and chat room on Delphi.

A Chapter of Starfleet International

Chattahoochee Station meets for service and fun!
Past Starfleet International projects have included the 1995 Starfleet International IC and Region 2's 1997 Sunny Summit 2 . Chattahoochee Station recruits thru conventions such as the Spring and Fall Vulcon's and Summer's Dragon*Con yearly. At Dragon*Con we enjoy our part in hosting the Happy Hour at Ten Forward segment of Trek Trak since 1997. Chattahoochee Station can also be found at SF Movies such as Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Wars:Episode 1. Our members love social events like an annual Picnic at Stone Mountain, and spring and fall trips to the Georgia Rennaisance Festival as well as trips to Six Flags or Whitewater,

Starfleet Region Two
"Second to None"

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