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Welcome to the Slow Pitch Softball History Site. All the information you ever wanted to know about slow pitch softball is in here. Just click on the link to the left to go wherever you want to visit. This site covers all the national championships of all the softball organizations past and present from men's to women's to seniors and every other class imaginable. All the softball hall of fames and all-time teams are listed along with the yearly team rankings and individual national leaders. Some of the old time tournament classics of yesteryear are documented along with today's major NITs and some of the more prominent invitational tournaments around the country. Bill Plummer of the ASA offers his official description of softball history for all kids doing school projects on the subject matter. There are some stats of the legends of the game complete with many photos. A complete list of softball links and a message board is available also as is a page of thanks for all the people that have helped and contributed to this site. Thanks for stopping by - Steve

Article about the Softball History Site written by Bill Plummer



Bill Plummer III, Amateur Softball Association (ASA) Hall of Fame Manager announced his RETIREMENT effective as of December 31, 2009 and will be stepping down from the ASA National Office. He is the greatest softball historian of all time.  He has written a couple of books on the great history of this game. The first one is the "Softball's Hall of Famer" book and it chronicles the history of the ASA National Softball of Fame in Oklahoma City and has a bio on  all the inductees. The second book is called "The Game America Plays: Celebrating 75 years of the Amateur Softball Association" Bill worked on this book for a long time and it commemorates the ASA's 75th Anniversary through historical photographs and personal stories. Relive the greatest moments in softball history with this engaging narrative of America's favorite participation sport. With never-before-published photographs and vignettes from players, umpires, and coaches, this is a must-read for every player, coach and fan of softball. Bill was most deservingly inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame in 1999. His last book is titled "Women's Fast Pitch Softball, The Best of the Best". The book can be ordered by clicking on the banner below. This man knows more about Softball History than any man alive in the United States today. He has helped me many times over with information on this site and I want to take the time to thank him for all he's done for me.

Bill Plummer Interview by DW of Softball Central - Click here

CLICK on the Banner Below to order your copy today - go to, you won't be disappointed

CLICK on the Banners Below to go to the ASA Communications Center and Read these great Publications



Check out the official Softball Magazine Web Site. This is the BEST and most informative Softball magazine in the country today. They have stories and statistics on many of the nation's invitational and national tournaments. Click on the link provided to read about this great publication from Gene Smith and Luann Madison. I used to write a monthly article for these nice people and it was called "Softfacts".

Check out Mike Macenko's House of Swing. This man is the greatest softball player that ever lived and has been inducted in all four Softball Association's Hall of Fames.  He is a true living legend in the sport and gives a lot of his time to making the game better. The site is oaded with great information about the past and present. Complete with articles and photos spanning at least four decades.

Check out the amazing Dale Weiser or "DW" as he is called on the National scene. This man covers just about every single Major Tournament in the country and writes official tournament reports as well as previews and other great stuff. The Softball Center Web Site site also has a message board. check in on DW to see what is going on.


Take a look at the web site that Gordie Heagle has put together. Gordie was a close friend of Jerome Earnest and is making an effort to continue what Jerome started on the internet by covering the major softball events. The Old Scout's Web Site will have up to date information, rankings, schedules, statistical leaders and everything else that is good for the game. Gordie also retired last fall and no longer is involved in the great game he loved and promoted. His web site is still up and of course the most looked at "Softball Message Board" in the country.


Go to this Web Site that Minnesota ASA State Commissioner Dan Pfeffer put together. it has the capability to track all tournaments an rosters of softball. The man is one of the, if not the most knowledgable person about today's softball players and teams I know. You can give him a team name or a players name and he"ll tell you where they team is or who that player plays for. Take a look at the Go Softball.Com site and you will see what I mean. that

Check out what a guy named Mark Linnemann had to say about this web site. Mark is a well respected owner and writer of the Cincinnati Softball News Publication as well as the Head Chairmen of the Hudepohl Softball Hall of Fame which encompasses the Greater Cincinnati area including Northern Kentucky. If you're interested in getting a subscription, contact him at 859-341-7088 or email him at the link provided. Here is the nice Article he wrote on my site. Thank You Mark

Check out the official Softball Today Web Site. This is another great softball magazine that always has informative articles on what's going on in the world of softball. Click on the link provided to read about this publication. Every single publication gets better then the last one as they have been including more and more tournament information from across the country. Plus they have their annual equipment guide that is second to none.

This is a great site to go to. Softball Fans has one of the most popular message boards in the country and also the best bat reviews around. There are multiple forum categories ranging from different associations to different manufacturers to different types of softball and also the most popular buy/sell and trade message board around.

When speaking about Slow Pitch Softball History, a familiar name comes to mind, Jerome Earnest. Without him, there wasn't much softball history, because he documented a lot of it. He was instrumental in getting the many softball publications to the point that they are today. Way back when, the ASA and USSSA both had their own papers and reported on their own information. Jerome took this idea and ran with it. He reported on all Slow Pitch information with equal emphasis put on all organizations and events. The help he gave me was immeasurable in starting up this site.  Before going to the Jerome Earnest's Supreme Softball Site, stop by and visit the page I put together in his honor. It chronicles his life and explains why he was so respected in the softball world. The link doesn't take you to the Supreme Softball Site, that site is no longer, but the link does capture a little of what Jerome was all about. It is a snapshot of what he did back in the 1999-2000 time frame. What he did was unbelievable dedication and hard work.

Kevin Cherkas has a site that is talked about all around the east coast. He is a good friend, a good ball player and an even better person. His message board is sometimes controversial due to the fact he lets people "tell it like it is". But he is a good family man and will not tolerate any stuff on there that he deems "not in the best interest of the game"  The Big Boy Softball Message Board is a great site for east coast tournaments and information especially in and around my home state of Pennsylvania. if there is anything going on in the State of Pennsylvania, this board has all the information.


Inspiration for this page was instilled to me at a young age when I was growing up in Long Island and a man I greatly admire played with and against some of these legends of the game. The sparkle that comes to his eyes to this day as he reminisces about those days only go to show what this great game of softball is all about. Thank you Mister D or as I call him, Dad. I also want to say thanks to my family for their support also. Being as I am from Norristown, Pennsylvania, I have separate history sections for the ASA of PA Softball History and Norristown Area Softball History for those interested. In closing, I'd like to thank every single softball person (present and past) that has taken the time to talk to me or send me information to help make this page as complete as it can be.

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