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Welcome to Shockydoc's House of Wax

Halloween Theatre and Macabre Museum

--for madmen only--

Hang around my museum a while!

This page is intended to show off some of the Halloween props and displays that I've made and/or collected over the years.

Here at the House of Wax... ...EVERY day is Halloween!!!

Comments, questions and general stupidity are always welcome.
Now, you gotta bear with me 'cause I'm new to this "setting up a homepage" crap. Thanks to Death17 for her help pushing buttons.
Keep an eye out for updates, more pictures, etc. as I add them.
This page is dedicated to Saint Platapus, without whose patience and moral support, all of this would not have been necessary.

Q- How long have you been building the House of Wax?
A- I've been doing Halloween shows for 16 years, off and on, but I've only been seriously building props for the last 6 or 7 years.
Q- Is it a "professional" haunted house?
A- No, all materials are bought "out of pocket" and there are no professional fees for any of my shows. I do it for the love of the holiday and for the art of performance theatre. For the past few years, I have been setting up to benefit a local non-profit organization. They usually ask for a small donation as a fund raiser to support their cause. (Info in Gallery 3)
Q- What kind of stuff do you have?
A- Well, the galleries are up. See for yourself.
Q- How do you make these things?
A- Hopefully, I will include building instructions for some of the my favorite props once the work of this year's Halloween setup is over.
Q- What makes your display different from other haunted houses?
A- Well, I always do a "wax museum" theme rather than a haunted house, so nobody's going to jump out from behind a sheet and go "Boo!" And, my shows are done very tongue-in-cheek and with a sense of humor. It may not be the scarest Halloween setup you've ever seen, but I guarantee it will be the most unusual.
Q- Why Halloween?
A- My birthday is in October and, for that reason, I guess Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Also, as an adult I feel it is my duty to psychologically warp as many children as possible.
Q- It looks like you have a lot of props. Where do you store all this stuff?
A- Good question. Being the cheapskate that I am, I refuse to pay $80 a month to rent a storage shed so I keep everything set up in my house the rest of the year. Every room has monsters and props. It's like living in a wax museum all year long.
Q- What does your wife think of that?
A- I'd rather not discuss it. (She's a good sport and supports my hobby with love.)
Q- Do you sell any props?
A- Nope.
Q- So where's it gonna be this year?
A- I'm glad you asked! Click on Gallery 3 for poster & info.

NEWSFLASH: PICS ARE FINALLY UP, GUYS!!! THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!! And, of course, these pics are only a small sample of what we have. (Now, it will take a minute for the picture galleries to load. Keep your pants on!)


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