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Light Spinner

Light Spinner- Shadow Weaver's real name...

The picture above is thanks to Aidan Cross!(I'm working on clening it up a little. No offence, Aidan:)) A translation is- "Hordak found a young sorceress-to-be called Light Spinner and taught her the evil ways of the dark force..... Hordak used his knowledge to give Light Spinner a mixture of powers derived from both science and magic! When Light Spinner became powerful enough to work for the Horde she changed her name... to Shadow Weaver! Shadow Weaver now controls many dark powers and can move freely between all the realms of magic. She is perhaps Hordak's greatest ally!" (It contredicts the show a little, though.)

Light Spinner was a young woman we can only assume was in her mid-teens, or therabouts from footage of her in 'The Price Of Power'. She was so very exceedinlg beautiful! She wore a long, red dress (with long sleeves)that came down to her ankles, and her shoes had small heels, not the twelve inch ones She-Ra and them wear! Her belt was gold with five light blue, circlular gems in the front of it. Her hair was blonde and by the looks of it, she wore it up, under her sorceress's hat, which was one of those pointy ones you see in other cartoons. Light Spinner wore a pink veil, so that we only got to see the top part of her face. She had blue eyes and fair skin. She looked so gentle and kind, so innocent!

Light Spinner was on the side of good, training as a sorceress of light magic with another girl, Castaspella, with under the teachings of a sorcerer called Norwyn.

She was best friend was Castaspella, who seemed to be a few years younger than herself. But Light Spinner was also jealous of her. The thing was, LS was... well, she was no good at sorcery. Her spell books were of no use to her, no matter how hard she tried. Casta seemed to get better and better at sorcery, while Light Spinner was still having a hard time with the basics!

Eventually, though, the Horde came to Etheria. They attacked the planet, but as long as Etheria's Council of Kings (rulers of certain parts of Etheria) were safe, there was still hope. Only a tiny minority knew where their base was, including Norwyn, Castaspella and Light Spinner.

It is never said just how, but Hordak managed to find Light Spinner. Somehow he found out about her dillema with magic... and while he was at it, discovered that she was one of the people who knew the location of the Council Of Kings! So he decided this was his chance to get a grip on Etheria- this girl was his key!

So Hordak got a hold of an extreamly magical power-gem. He offered it to Light Spinner, but at a price- she would have to reveal to the Horde the Council Of King's secret location. Sadly for her, she agreed. The Horde came to her one night when she was inside the Council's base. She went out to their ship and stood under it, her arms raised. The power-gem was lowered and it shone down upon her. She took in its powers through these rays. As she did so, it changed many things about her- her personality, her morals, her magical skills, and perhaps most obvious, her looks.

But before she could consume any more of its powers, Norwyn came outside, shocked at what he was seeing. He shot a blast of energy at the gem from his finger-tip, and it shattered. But the gem had done its damage. There where Light Spinner had once been stood a woman robed in red wearing a hood, which shadowed her face- only her glowing yellow eyes and hands were visable. This was Light Spinner's new form.

She was banished from Mystacore, her best friend became her worst enemy, and she was now a member of the Horde. She grew an enormous hate for Norwyn for his shattering of her power-gem. Under the new name of Shadow Weaver, she searched for him for years, seeking revenge. She managed to catch him at one point, trapping him, but he managed to escape. Weaver wasn't ready to face him yet, as she said, and Norwyn slipped through her fingers.

To summerise, Light Spinner's ultimate desire, her wildest fantasy, the thing she craved most in the world had been given to her- but everything else was lost.

I often quote to myself that Light Spinner died when Shadow Weaver was born... but maybe oneday she will return. Who knows. Something to think about are Norwyn's words from 'The Price Of Power'-


(More pics of Light Spinner coming soon! I've just about got my video grabber up, all I need is a longer arial! ($45!))