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Shadow Weaver; the best villain ever!


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That has to be my favorite line from 'Of Shadows and Skulls'. Anyway, I was just trolling around the internet, and *phew!*, there are NO sites dedicated to THE best villain in history- the almighty, always underestimated SHADOW WEAVER! *cheers and screams from the crowd*

Poor ol' Weaver! She's ALWAYS overlooked. But, hey, I'm gonna try to fix all that starting from... NOW!

Shadow Weaver was bribed onto the Horde with a power-gem. It changed her looks, in brief, so she always wears that cloak and hood. Looking for more? Check out the 'Bit of Background'!

Shadow Weaver is so damn, sorry, DARN loyal (well, most of the time ;)!) to the incompotent Hordak (though he has put up some pretty good fights in his time), yet he treats her like dirt, and even almost fires her once! Jeez, you have to feel sorry for the poor woman! And that stupid Imp, sheesh!

When I was a little kid watching the show, she scared the living... well... everything out of me! This chick sure was creepy! After about seven or eight years, to the present date, I have only just gotten back in the swing of things, surfing She-Ra sites. They're my only link with She-Ra, seeing I don't have any tapes. I don't know WHY Shadow Weaver caught my attention so, but she was the first to go in the 'Yahoo!' search engine! And, of course, ALL sites that came up barely contained anything beyond her name!

She, besides She-Ra and Swift Wind, is the only character I could remember, but a few came back to me like Adora, Madame Razz and Hordak (booooooo!!).

*sigh* Why she never gets attention is truly beyond me, but, like I said, this is what this page is for! Enjoy y'all!


~Suzanne XOXOX

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DISCLAIMER: Okey dokey, I think we all know what this stuff's about- I'm not associated with any of Filmaition/Hallmark/Mattel or whoever, Shadow Weaver and the rest belong to that lot, blah blah blah, screenshots on this page are mostly form the ep review site and are used with permission. Once again, NOT associated with the Filmation crew (didn't I make that obviouse enough through my fan-fic?!!!!!) and them, so now I'm not elligible for a lawsuit! (well, not for THOSE reasons, anyway... ;))