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Royal Yacht Caroline

All carvings are carved

 out of solid stock brass - no castings!


These carvings are for a model,  

the Royal Yacht Caroline,  

originally built in 1749.

Ship is being built in 1:48 scale.

Click on any picture to see the full size picture.

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dime.jpg (40857 bytes)

Photo of all the carvings 

with a dime to show 

comparison of size.

Dolphins.jpg (39929 bytes)

Close-up of dolphins

drawings.jpg (40788 bytes)

Drawing of the stern 

with the carvings in place 

where they will go.

drawings2.jpg (41712 bytes)

Drawing of rear of 

ship with carvings to 

show placement

edgecabins.jpg (41495 bytes)

Drawings of area up to 

edge of cabin with carvings 

in place.

group.jpg (42482 bytes)

group photo - 


King.jpg (41619 bytes)

Close-up of

King and shield

maidens.jpg (40412 bytes)

close-up of maidens that go 

on the stern by the windows

reardrawings.jpg (42002 bytes)

Drawing of area next to the

 rear with carvings in their 

approximate place.

shield.jpg (41796 bytes)

Close-up of shield

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