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Dial Machine


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DialMachine.jpg (124843 bytes)
The picture on the left is a watchmakers tool from circa 1792.
This is a Dial Machine. It is used to mark various spacings for the dial of a watch.
Full.jpg (120818 bytes)
 Full view.
TopMajorArm.jpg (132096 bytes)
Top major arm. 
TopArm.jpg (117164 bytes)
Top of arm. 
RearLeg364.jpg (124115 bytes)
The "R" in the photo is 3/64" tall.
TopAndSides.jpg (83951 bytes)
Top and side pieces.
ArmPost.jpg (124855 bytes)
Arm post.
kneeSection.jpg (120932 bytes)
Knee piece.

All pictures copyright by R L Ronnie


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