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In 1961 Cushman came out with the Silver Eagle to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. In 1986 would they have come out with the Golden Eagle if they were still in production?


Roger Ronnie's version of a "Golden Eagle." Roger did all the body work, painting, design, engraving, engine rebuilding, and transmission rebuilding. If it is yellow, it is gold plated. Oil dip stick has gold inlay for full and low marks. Timing mark on flywheel is gold inlayed.
The engine tag is hand engraved and gold inlayed.
Cushman logo and "Golden Eagle" are hand made and gold plated. The eagle head was cast and gold and silver plated by Roger. Beak, eye and eye brow are silver plated.
Special gas cap made of copper. All work was hand cut and soldered to cap; and gold plated.
Tail pipe numbers and eagle are hand cut and gold plated. Eagle is the same design that Cushman used on keychains.
The End!

Other restored Cushman scooters available for sale, please send E-Mail to rronnie.

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