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Fusee Engine


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This fusee engine is a replica of one made around 1800.  It was entered in an international contest in Portland, Oregon where it won 2 gold medals. One was in the horological category (watchmakers tools) and the other medal was in the engraving category.
The Fusee Engine was used to make fusees. They were used around the early 1800's. Watches used a small chain drive to help keep time. The fusee looked like a miniature wedding cake inside the watch which is used to equalize main spring power which evens the rate of the watch. The tiny chain wraps around the fusee when the watch was wound.
This fusee engine is ornately engraved with original rope and scroll designs by R. L. Ronnie.  There are 38 animals and gargoyles included in the design.

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fback.jpg (99004 bytes)

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FThumbwheel.jpg (150651 bytes)

The only evidence as to the maker and engraver is the tiny RLR above the gargoyle face on  the picture above.

FRight.jpg (151207 bytes)

FDetail12.jpg (145195 bytes)

All pictures copyright by R L Ronnie


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