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Some of the work going on now - 2001

Double Rifles....

I know - I have got to update this page!!- Anyway, I always wanted a double rifle but could never find one that was affordable. I decieded there would be a market for lesser expensive quality double rifles, so I started converting a few to test the waters.... This one was made from an imported hammer double shotgun. I made and installed rifle inserts, reworked the firing pins, made an extractor and a few other things and..... Double rifle! This model is a 45/70 double with rifle sights regulated independently for each barrel. Shoots a group of about 2 1/2" @ 50yds. Currently auctioned off at for $625.00 .

Here is another example, this one is based on a Webley & Scott, Ltd. London double shotgun. This is a fine example of English quality and was just recently sold out of the shop for $1000.00.

Yet another recent example in 45/90. This one was based on a Husqvarna 16 Ga side by side and recently sold on Auctionarms for $1530.00

Remington Rolling Block in 45/90

1871 Remington Rolling Block was originaly in .43 Eqyptian caliber. I pulled the barrel and installed the 32" Oct. barrel. Rechambered to 45/90 with a new extractor, added some sights and browned the barrel to match the action. Fun to shoot and looks great. Recently auctioned off at for $530.00 .

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