Here a few more of my lesser custom heroclix. Most of these are just repaints or characters that I made up, a few are mage knight figures repainted & made into heroclix too. Nothing too spectacular or cool like some of my others, but thought I'd put them out there for you to see anyhow. Hope you like 'em.

The above picture is the 1st bunch of my repainted generic characters. They are as follows 2 Henchmen, 3 Easy Company Soldiers, 2 LexCorp Security, and a Criminal all repainted.

These are the 2nd bunch of my repainted generic characters. They are as follows a Lackey, a Thug, a HYDRA Medic, a SHIELD Medic, a Con Artist and 3 SHIELD Troopers all repainted.

The next picture (sorry too bright to see well) is of a Marvel team I made up called Neo Force. They are as follows... Violet, Canyon, Scope, Steel Jaw, Explosia, Quicksilver, Neon, Arrowhead, Hi-Light, and Sci-Fi.

The next picture is of a bunch of mixed Marvel characters. They are as follows... the Fusion Sisters (Students of Xavier's School), a HYDRA officer, the AEGIS IV (AIM robot), Creeping Jenny (greek goddess Flora), Scorch, and Skrull Viceroy.

This photo is of a mixed bunch of DC characters. They are as follows... Kachina, Hand Ninja Master, Hollywood Kid, Hydra Serpent, Body, Soul, the Algae Mako, Omega, the Crustacean, and Esper.

This group consists of several Vampiric & Mystical characters to give Blade and Dr. Strange a run for their money. From left to right they are the Blood Rey (King of Blood), Necrobeast, Dhemonix (w/Kogo), Sepulchre, Lucita the Vampire Queen, Katherine Ainsley-Jones (from Mortigan Goth:Immortalis), Realm, Death Rider, a winged Vampire Warrior, and a Tryk Vampire (from the Max Blade series). Sorry about the fuzzy picture.

This bunch is a bunch of egyptian characters (great for when your Witchblade needs to hang out with her friend Tomb Raider). They are Hor (the Horus Avatar), Anpu (the Anubis Avatar), and Oubastet.

The next group is some misc. made up indy characters. The 1st 2 are made up Valiant characters Sunstorm & Amazing Red. The next 3 are made up Cross-Gen characters Brocath, Dima, and Joshua. The others are made up indy heroes Vulcan, WarHawk, Atlantis, & Cerebrex.

This batch is a made up group of indy bad guys to go with the last batch. They are Shadow Wrath, Galadine, Alien Criminal (Harp), Alien Lackey (Rygul), Alien Thug (Stern), Alien Crook (Zain), the Buccaneer, Prof. Chaos, Roman Phantom, Red Fury, and some Killer Droids.

This picture shows my made up story about a group of heroes called the Huntsmen. They are Hunter Isaac, Hunter Stone, Hunter Azruk, the King Huntsman, Hunter Gold, Hunter Randall, Hunter 100, Hunter Pierce, and Hunter Z.

These are the Huntsmen's evil counterparts in a group called the Tragic Kingdom. They are Boneyard, Nyx, Spellcaster, Headhunter, Lord Faust, Kurgg, Nakiko, & Tenchi.

This last pair of pics are of a D&D or Lord of the Rings type of story I put together called the Tales of Legend & Lore. The 1st bunch are the good guys. They are Tessa (keeper of the Demon's Claw), Kylun (the Healthy Centaur), Lenard (the Horned Beast), Taucer (the Minotaur caster), Rurik (the Blessed One), Talon (the Bladesmaster), Stormwood of the Forest, Daketh (the Cursed Hero), Kana (the unbound slave), and Tor the Thunderhammer. (Yeah, I know, lots of redone Make Knight figures here, but they just work great.

Finally we see the Tales of Legend & Lore bad guys. They are Medusa the Gorgon, Jaekelord (Monarch of the Skulls), Dumas (the Fist of Jaekelord), Ramlor (the angry brute), Joram the Trollkiller, Comida (the Greatest Minion), Oemethus the Manticore, Mott (mage spawn boar), and Longtooth (the mighty cat).

That's all folks, Hope you enjoyed!!!

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully, when I get a chance, I plan to continue making more Custom & Custom Golden Age of Marvel characters. As a parting note to all of those out there that are worried that they won't be able to get one of Wizkids' convention exclusive Galactus Heroclix figures. I say go out & find the monster pictured below on eBay and make your own. (Heck, you can even copy the stats from the real one's dial to use on your own customized one). Peace to all!

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All Characters are copyright to their respective companies. These figures were customized by Davyd Titze for his own personal use and are not for sale. They are posted here only for your viewing enjoyment. 'nuff said
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