League Information

ENTRY: The cost per team is $50 and must be paid at or in advance to the draft. Notify the commissioner as soon as possible to reserve your team. 8 teams this year so make sure you confirm as soon as you know.

FRANCHISE PLAYERS: Each team in the league is allowed to designate a franchise player from their previous year's team to keep on their roster for this year. Teams that choose not to keep a player from their old roster,as well as any new team owners, will draw for order and get to pick a franchise player in a pre-draft round of selection. If you are not sure who you have on your team from last year, your rosters are still listed on the webpage.

TEAM NAMES: Team owners should have their team's name ready on draft day. You may keep your name from the previous season or choose a new one each year. No obscene names will be accepted. Be creative and have fun with them. Team logos are provided by the commish, if you don't like the one I make for you, too bad. (Just Kidding!)

Example Logo

DRAFTING: The draft will occur at Garden of Eden (214 W. 1st) on the 28th of August (Thursday) at 7:00pm. The league will have 8 teams again this year. Each team designates or drafts a franchise player and then drafts for another 25 rounds in order to complete a 26 spot roster. Each team drafts 4 quarterbacks, 4 runningbacks, 3 fullback/tightends, 6 wide recievers, 2 kickers, 2 team offenses, 2 team defenses, 2 special teams & 1 wild card player (see below). Team owners will draw for placement in the divisions as well as for order of the draft. Remember when drafting to avoid players of the same position with the same bye weeks. Also note this year with the odd numbered 31 team league, the schedule has bye weeks throughout the season. This will cause some to have players with byes during our fantasy playoffs. Watch the season schedule carefully.

WILD CARD PICK: Again this year each team will draft 1 additional player of the position of their choice as a wild card.

LEAGUE PLAY: Teams must turn in a weekly lineup due each week by 6:00pm on Thursdays. They can either be dropped off, called in, or emailed to me at thirddayonline@yahoo.com. Teams go head to head each week as shown in the league schedule. There are 2 Divisions this year, the A Heart Division and the B Diamond Division. The weekly starting lineups consist of 1 Quarterback, 1 backup QB, 1 Running Back, 1 backup RB, 1 Tight End/Fullback, 1 Kicker, 2 Recievers, 1 Backup Reciever, 1 team offense, 1 team defense, and 1 special teams unit. The backup reciever position recieves half the total points for that player for the week. If a new lineup is not recieved prior to the weekly deadline, then the lineup from the previous week will be used.

TRADES/FREE AGENTS: This year each team will be granted unlimited transactions and at no additional cost. The trade deadline is November 21st , 2003. Free Agents can continue to be signed throughout the fantasy year. All trades must be approved by both teams involved and must be brought to the commissioner at least one day previous to the weekly lineup due date. In order to sign a free agent, you must release a team member in which the free agent will replace on your roster. The approval process is pretty simple, the free agency period each week starts on Tuesday morning and ends at 5:00pm on Thursday. Requests for free agents can be made any time during this period of time. You will automatically recieve the player of your choice if nobody else requests the same player before the deadline comes. In the case of more than one request for the same player, the team with the least amount of season points will always get 1st choice of players. Remember that all trades and free agent selections must be done so that your base roster is always kept in tact, the wild card position can switch though.

RESULTS: Weekly results will be posted each week on the internet. Those without access to the internet can stop down at the Garden of Eden and I will be happy to show you the results for the week. The website address is www.fieldwarriors.com. Information on scoring , rosters , payouts, results, schedule, injuries, transactions, rules, and this very same page you are reading are all available on the website. Any questions feel free to call me.

Davyd Titze 996-6804

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