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The Psyco Cat-Girl's Slayers Page!

If you don't know who the Slayers are, then I pity you.^_^ The Slayers is a hilarious sword & sorcery slapstick adventure starring the red-headed, under-developed, bandit-killing sorceress Lina Inverse and her various companions. This site is dedicated to this series, and I will hopefully have more info on it soon. Right now, this is mostly an image gallery, and I will be putting more pics on here soon as well. So, enjoy the pictures and what little info I have, and come back again soon! Thankies!^_^

UPDATES!!! 9-13-00 (Wow, finally updated!!!)
Hello folks! Sorry 'bout the long wait between updates, but I've been busy with half a slew of other sites lately. *sigh* Now school has begun, and my new job (MONEY! YAY!) starts the 25th this month. *_* What little time I had is being quickly eaten up by all this, so don't expect my updates to be any more than few and far between. Soon to get my Anime Iowa stuff up, as soon as my scanner decides to cooperate... Added a new link to my NEW HOME PAGE!!! ^___^ Check it out, it's a little further down... ^_~ Still have lots of nifty pics on the fanart page! Check it out (especially if you like to see Zelgadis and Xellos shirtless -or, in Zel's case, in nothing but ribbons^_~)! Thanks for visiting! Sign the guestbook or e-mail me with suggestions!


A Gundam Wing Page! (GOT ONE NOW!!! ^_^)
More fanart! (MORE ON THE NEW HOME PAGE!!!)
Will update image glleries and fix broken links! *Everyone cheers*^_^ (Still getting to that...)
Zelgadis 2000 Campaign Headquarters (Eh, thinking of dropping it...)
The Psyco Cat-Girl's Harem of Tasty Bishounen (GOT ONE!!! Not finished, but... ^.^@)
More Fanifics, including one on Gundam Wing! (MORE ON NEW PAGE! ^_^)
Will Finish Some of the Current Fics...(Eventually...)
And Much, Much More!!! ^_^ Stay Tuned.

Here it is! The Brand Spankin' New Home Page! Check it out to see some of my new fanart in the ever-growing Master Index, previews of my other in-progress sites, and the new Gundam Wing fanfics, PLUS MORE! ^_^ And you thought this site was all there was. Now there's more of me to love. ^____^

Please tour the other locations on my humble little site!

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The Zelgadis Shrine and Images Here is the meager bit of info and images I scraped up on our favorite chimera. Like the rest of this site, this mini-shrine will grow in time, so patience everyone! ((((_^)))>

The Xellos Shrine and Images My mini-shrine to Xellos, everyone's favorite trickster priest!
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NEW!!! Amelia's Cozy (Basement) Corner Amelia pics and info, found in my lovely dungeon-er, basement...^_^

Group Photos Some of my fave images of the Slayers gang!

My Fan Art! My very own doodles displayed for you to enjoy! ^_^

My fanfiction page! Here you'll find a few of my oddball anime-related fanfics and original stories. Right now this page is embarrassingly small, but I will add more over time. If you have an anime fic you would like posted here, please e-mail me the URL of your fic and I will more than likely post it on my page. Thank you!

Slayers Wish, my Slayers fanfic, is now up and running! Starring Maria Felicita, the Psyco Cat-Girl herself, and Zelgadis! Check it out! Chapters will be added over time, so please be patient.^_^

Who is the Psyco Cat-Girl? (And why does she spell "Psycho" wrong?) The answers to these questions and more...

My Astrological Chart Yeah, I'm into astrology. This is my asrology info that was drawn up for free at This Site. If you like astrology, go here to get a free chart made for you!

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