Stochino fast amplifier design

A fast design that some considered complex. Offering 100W into 8ohms, low THD, a high slew-rate (300V/µS) and a -3dB response of 1Hz to 120kHz, attention was paid to the repeatability of performance and thermal management.

The published data for this design is given below.

Given the emphasis on speed, the inadequacies of electrolytics should be considered. The selection of high frequency types is recommended and/or their being paralleled with HF types, such as polycarbonate, polypropylene, etc. High currents can arise in each of the stages and care is required to avoid expensive accidents. It is recommended that construction be undertaken by experienced constructors only. PCBs for this design were available from the magazine (Electronics World) that carried the article. The recommended power supply is shown below.

Good mains filtering is a prerequisite, and a soft-start is recommended. Additionally, if substantial diodes are placed between the supply rails and ground, and across the regulators, protection will be afforded in the event of gross short-circuits occuring.

Compare to another fast (300V/µS) design.

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