TOA VP-1240 public address amplifier

The most powerful in a range of public address amplifiers (V-1000 series) intended for 24 hour (100% duty-cycle) 70V and 100V line applications in commerce and industry.

A high quality build utilising a push-pull output, an emphasis was placed on reliability, surprisingly high voltage ratings given to the capacitors used (non-polarised 5-600V). For safety purposes, a battery back-up system was available, and a 20kHz signal was injected into the line which was returned to a surveillance circuit in the unit which would give an alarm in the event of an open circuit.

A very comprehensive range of accessories and ancillary circuits was also offered, priority triggering and annunciations from digital and other systems being possible. In high reliability situations where failure was not an option, such systems might be duplicated or even triplicated.

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