What I do is me. For that I came.

Time has silent fists.

He who killeth a lion when absent,
feareth a mouse when present.

That which is one is one
That which is not one is also one.
Chuang Tzu

The first Secret is what we do not tell others
The second Secret is what we do not tell ourselves
The third Secret is Truth

The mark of your ignorance is the depth
of your belief in injustice and tragedy.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the Master calls a butterfly.

Always over-estimate your enemies
But never under-estimate your friends.

One runs the risk of weeping a little...
if one lets himself be tamed.

The Truth is that the old ways will keep you safe nomore.
The truth is that the World belongs to all of us - not one man.
Or one race. Or one religion...

He who knows does not speak
He who speaks does not know
Close the mouth
Shut the door of desire
Blunt the sharpness
Untie the tangles
Soften the light
Become one with the dusty world.
Lao Tzu

Suddenly we hear the lutes' voice on the water.
At the plucking of its' strings.
The host forgets to go.
And the guest too lingers on.
We search the darkness, wondering who the player is.
The music stops, but the player will not speak her name.
'Song of the Lute' (P'i P'a Hsing) by Po Chu-i

I take a bottle of wine and I go to drink it among the flowers.
We are always three - counting my shadow and my friend the shimmering moon.
Happily the moon knows nothing of drinking, and my shadow is never thirsty.
When I sing, the moon listens to me in silence.
When I dance, my shadow dances too.
After all festivities, the guests must depart:
This sadness I do not know.
When I go home, the moon goes with me
And my shadow follows me.

He who does not speak his love,
Yet feels its' waters seething far below,
Loves more than he who prates his every thought.

What you believe is more than you know.

May you live in interesting times.
Chinese curse

If intellectual satisfaction is required, especially in respect of the extolling of the virtues of nature and wine, good sources include Wang-Wei (699-761), Li Po (701-62), Tu Fu (712-70), Tao Ch'ien (365-427) and Lao Tzus' (604-531 BC) Tao Te Ching, the basis of a religion founded in 142 AD by Chang Tao-ling. See also brews.

Younger thoughts


When I think of the Sea,
I think of small glad, galloping sea horses,
Galloping across the dark and gloomy sea bed,
And leaky, creaky ship wrecks.
Wedged between rough, pointed, sharp and jagged rocks,
Crawling hard crabs scurrying across the sparkling golden sand,
Starfish with sticky, long slimy tentacles,
Slippery seaweed swaying on the sand.
That's what I think when I think of the Sea.

A R (aged 10)


Life is like a candle don't waste it,
I think that Life is a gift and not to waste it,
Fire burns your life away,
Even you can die.

S K (aged 9)


I remember back in 992 when we were both together just me and you I have a feeling deep down inside my heart and all the things you said to me when we weren't Apart I remember you from day to day and look back on all the things we done and when I looked I realise you weren't the only one my loving family I have got have made me happy all year through and your thankful sister for being there for you . I am happy with my family but I would like you back instead but I will keep a warm hearted memory of you locked up inside my head
this poem was dedicated
To Jodey love her darling daughter


The Bugawana indians live in mud huts on the bank of the River Taff. They eat fish and mashed potatos. Their climate is extremely wet and they have no modern conveniences. They are friends with Jigolowni indians but hate the Cherokeys. Their industries are hydro-electric isotopes and being-producing.

Viv G, 4IIB

When I heard the news that day
Heard that Chris had gone away
The news was really sad
Made me feel real mad.
Boys went driving in a car
Now they've just gone way too far
Thought it was a game
Now it's just a crying shame.

Everyone should smile today
We will learn from their mistakes
The Sun will shine and we will say
Live another day.

Chris, a member of our club
He was always nicking grub
Always playing pool
Acting up the fool
Baseball cap, tall and thin
Handsome, blond that was him
Now it's time to learn
None of us has time to burn.

Let's look to a brighter day
Learn to live a safer way
There's good advice to take
Don't make the same mistake
So let's not waste another day
Or wish our precious life away
Don't give up the fight
Shine on like his star at night

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