This is my lover who came and showed me Autumn.
He did not ask for gifts and softly we made dreams of love.
He did not say good-bye for ever.

Why is he that way?
He does not understand yes or no.
The words confuse him.
So I do not fear him.
He never says the words.

Your shadow is dream.
Standing in the sunlight your shadow is deep
and spreads over the earth.
When I am near our shadows are one.

No knows the reasons why I am not lonely.
I hear the voice of dream and touching hands
of people in my memory.
The pulse of time sweeps me back to tomorrow.

The days fly by.
I see nothing new.
Sometimes my heart speaks of dreams to me.

I see tomorrow glowing in your eyes, Moon-child.
Too much waste, too much time lost, on this night
still hill.
I waste this night by your side and feel no loss.

The rain is cold: it makes the streets glitter and patterns
on the path before me.
My wet clothes cling to me,
But when I reach my hand into the night
I cannot feel the drops.
The air is empty.

My lover is too wise, but in his eyes there is no hatred.

We share little, he and I.
Just one still night in all eternity, a gentle night.
And while the world was mating we made love.

Lying still, watching the Autumn leaves,
wishing I could float on the breeze like them.
I think I must be at peace.

Tomorrow is no day, you have gone.
The trees shake and quiver.
I am still.

Love changed everything for .
Now she sees the world through misty damp eyes.
Her heart is shattered.
She says she will not love again.
I do not no
just love who sits and never smiles but never
says a thing.

Before men had forms and spoke, he and I stood
together among the trees and hills where houses
now crumble.
Time drew us weeping apart.

I lift my face and remember you.
A while back.
Old, though young.
Worn as the clothes you wore.
Laugh for me now.
I cannot.


Four days ago we decided to go our separate ways
not overnight, but whenever was convenient.

There is a fragility now
about our lovemaking
as if each time might be the last
The finger tends to linger where once it hurried past.

And as the end of our relationship looms
the excitement of the start it assumes
There are new awakenings
erotic as in a dream.
With each sacrifice offering
the more virginal we seem
Old scars become new wounds
when kissed overmuch
And memories long hardened
now moisten to the touch.

Love is a circle
we've completed the course
Now we savour the honeymoon
before the divorce.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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