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OUDC Membership information page

The Otago University Dive Club exists to encourage and enable students and staff members of Otago University to safely experience and enjoy recreational scuba diving and to foster an attitude of respect and protection for Otago's unique marine environment.

We aim our trips and organised dives to suit the timetables and budgets of the average university student here in Dunedin. As a result, we tend to spend a lot of our time on local shore dives, with the occasional organised trip further afield to Central Otago, Fiordland, Stewart Island and the Marlborough Sounds.

The club has around 80 members each year, and offers three levels of membership for 2002:

Standard membership :

Cost - $30 per year


Tank borrowing membership :

Cost - $40 per year, plus $20 bond


Full borrowing membership :

Cost - $80 per year, plus $40 bond


The small-print for prospective members is below: