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Weller's Rock

Produced by the Otago University Dive Club

Access: Good road access and parking off the coast road out to Tairoa Head, just before you reach the Monarch wharf.

Weather / Sea conditions: Good in almost all conditions. Safely dived at slack tide if you want to swim out to the beacon tower on the surface. Otherwise you can dive at any tide as long as you stay on the bottom next to the rock wall for the entire dive.

Visibility: Between 3 and 10 metres (usually at the lower end of the scale).

Description: The diving here is done along a submerged rock wall that runs out into the harbour. It was built to direct the tidal current along the main shipping lane. Baby crayfish, Moki, and plenty of sea slugs are common at Wellers. The sponges found around the base of the channel becon make this a very worthwhile dive. Be very wary of the strong tidal curent. Divers have had to be rescued from the shipping channel after being swept away from this spot.

Depth: Anything up to 25 metres so set a maximum depth for your dive and stick to it!