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Harrington Point

Produced by the Otago University Dive Club

Access: Good access. Park at the top of the steep hill, follow the tracks down to the gun emplacements. Get changed into your wetsuit etc in one of the underground bomb shelters, then walk down to the small cargo loading areas.

The alternative is to take two cars. Park one at one side of the point (where you plan to finish your dive), and park the other car at the other side of the point and do a drift dive between them.

Weather / Sea conditions: OK in all conditions, except northerly, easterly and southeasterly (ie. When the wind is blowing either straight up or down the harbour). Best around slack tide unless you enjoy high speed drift dives. Make sure you know whether the tide is going in or out before entering the water!

Visibility: Up to 10 metres in the right conditions

Description: Great wall diving on an underwater cliff that drops to the bottom of the shipping channel.

Depth: Between 5 and 17 metres