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Tuesday 3rd October 2000, Moana Pool, Dunedin

This years AGM was held at Moana Pool on the 3rd of October. We decided to mix in the necessary 'formalities' with a few games intended to improve our diving skills and to up the ante a little by putting a few prizes up for grabs.

The night had a slow beginning due to a problem with pool bookings but once we had some pool space set aside, we got started. The formal AGM was held on the poolside. The meeting was opened with 16 club members present:
Greg, Justin, Melita, Caleb, Connor, Kate D., Gina, Olivia, Cecile, Brad, Dan M, Luke, Tony, Darryl.
Apologies were read:
John Hale, Carmen Lobb, Hendrick Nollens, Brian Grant, Brent Simpson. Accepted.
Minutes from the 1999 AGM were accepted.

Moving right along we got into nominations for club positions for 2001. Greg was nominated for President, Justin for Treasurer, and Dan McCall, Connor Wright, Caleb Archer, Kate Dermer, Gina Kirk, Darryl Sycamore, Luke Oldridge and Olivia Hayes were nominated for the general exec. Nominations were seconded and the voting began. The results were rapid and unanimous. Final results for the votes were:

Greg van der Hulst - President 2001

Justin Williams - Treasurer 2001

General exec positions

(still to be confirmed)

Darryl Sycamore - Committee Member

Caleb Archer - Committee Member

Connor Wright - Committee Member

Kate Dermer - Committee Member

Dan McCall - Committee Member

Gina Kirk - Committee Member

Luke Oldridge - Committee Member

Some prizes were awarded for efforts throughout the year:

Tony Vallance: For the man who desperately needs his own dive gear (most prolific use of club gear in 2000) : an Underwater Action Man (who blows bubbles!).

Luke Oldridge: As a co-winner of this distinguished title : A thermos flask (ask Justin why, I'm not sure of the logic there)

Melita: For the accident prone among us : A game of pick up sticks (complete with gloves and safety glasses). Shouold be safer than diving!

Greg: For making his own ultimate fashion accessory (or the biggest fashion faux pas since black stonewash Levis + basketball boots depending on your perspective) : a LaaLaa the Teletubbie 'inaction' figure.

Brian Grant: For the most insane act of the year, by popular demand: Brian was awarded the infamous, much coveted Ye Olde Reg Set Trophy for risking life, limb and sexual function by performing a naked paddle in Lake Alta in the middle of a mini-blizzard. Well done.

Then onto more serious issues...

Moved (Greg): That the gear shed be opened regularly over the summer holidays to allow members to get maximum use of the gear. Seconded: Justin. Passed.

Moved (Melita): Olivia and Darryl to be responsible for the gear shed over the summer holidays as Gear Shed Officers. Seconded: Cecile. Passed.

Moved (Greg): Need to investigate how the club can afford to continue to upgrade dive gear on a severely limited budget. Justin to do this and report at next club meeting. Seconded: Melita. Passed.

Moved (Melita): That the grant proposals for 2000 -2001 for local funding authority grant rounds be approved (Community Sports Fund, OUSA Sports Fund). Seconded: Greg. Passed

Moved (Greg): Fees for full borrowing members need to increase just to enable the club to maintain gear properly. Seconded (Melita): Passed (conditionally). Full membership cost 2001: $80 + $40 refundable bond.

No other business to be conducted. AGM meeting closed at 8:45 pm. Yay for democracy in action. If anyone has any concerns with the results of the AGM, contact Greg.

Then we let the Games begin:

Underwater Hockey

This was a fast paced game designed for those who believe they no longer need to breathe air. For the uninitiated, the game basically involves opposing teams wielding small wooden batons trying to get the puck, a circular plastic-coated lead weight, into the goal at the other end of the pool (a piece of semi-flattened guttering some enterprising person presumably fleeced from a building site in the dead of night). The 'white stick' team beat the 'black sticks' into submission early on the game with a rapid series of goals, five to be exact. Various tactics were attempted to even out abilities, such as removing one of Caleb's fins to slow him down! Caleb beating one of the 'black sticks' who had both fins on (and shall remain unidentified) to the goal in a straight out sprint, minus one of his fins. Just an example of how outclassed we were. I really didn't think I was that slow. To attempt to give the 'black sticks' a fighting chance the teams were reshuffled and Kate led from the front to forge a comeback combined with help from Melita and Tony. The final goal scored saved us some face and resulted in a 5-1 scoreline to the 'white sticks'. Great work Caleb, Luke, Dan, Gina, Tony, Olivia and any others (...knew I should've written down the teams!).

Underwater Egg & Spoon race

At this stage some of us were feeling a little inadequate. But our time was coming. In true Kiwi fashion, forget the bloody hockey and let's get on with something we can actually win! So it was time for the premier skill event of the night. Yes the underwater egg and spoon race. If you've ever tried to fin the length of the pool at speed while keeping a ping pong ball underneath a spoon, it is no easy task. Regardless, some of us made short work of this and ran in with the victory in the relay race. Most of us were from the so-recently slammed team in THAT event we were all trying to forget so victory was sweet. And I got a couple of spoons for the kitchen. Bonus.

Underwater Coin Sweep

Next was the underwater coin sweep. Now I owe a few people an apology here. I advertised the event with a $50 cash prize, winner takes all. In the end, due to fluctuations inthe NZ dollar, interest rate increases and general poor form we only had $40 in $1 coins on the bottom of the dive pool. Didn't matter in the end, only one man was going to win this one (ie. Caleb 'Breathing-is-overrated' Archer). Some of us put in a brave effort, but didn't even come close. Connor has to be mentioned here for extreme dedication to the spirit of competition; he damn near drowned himself by staying down just a wee bit long in the attempt to get a few more coins. If he goes that hard for $40, I'm kinda surprised he wasn't the one jumping into Lake Alta naked for cash. Oh well, there's always next year. And Connor, if you're going to push yourself to the point of blacking out as you reach the surface. put the coins in a pocket so you don't drop them all as you reach the surface! The final results were:
1st Caleb Archer, 37
2nd Luke Oldridge 28
Greg van der Hulst (2nd equal) 28
3rd Connor Wright - 25 + however many he dropped when he flaked at the surface

Kate won the women's event with 27, quietly showing some of the lads how it's done.

Huge effort everyone, thanks for showing and contributing to a great night. It was a blast!

Greg 5/10/00