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MUD Mage

Download Size Platform Server Type Contact
MUD Mage 5 xxxK Win 95/NT MUD Shareware ($20)
>>>>>>> Features <<<<<<<
  • Fast ANSI support
  • Fully configurable
  • ANSI palette modification
  • Uses 32-bit processing
  • Registered user support
  • Internal MUD note editor
  • Internal keyword database
  • Global toggles
  • Numeric keypad movement/commands
  • Configuration import/export
  • Multimedia interaction
  • Easy uninterrupted scrollback
  • Hotkeys (instant, insertion, etc)
  • Triggers (action, color, timer, etc)
  • Aliases/Variables
  • Automap (save text and graphics)
  • Commandline control
  • Command tracking
  • Logging
  • Optional letter wrapping
  • No nasty shareware tricks
  • Free updates to registered users
Online Documentation
MUD Mage 6 is currently in the works. Development is in Java, and
it is hoped that the look and feel will be a lot smoother as well
as a lot more intelligent. I am in the midst of planning a scripting
language for more advanced users to control almost every aspect of
the program.