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22 years ago there were three men brought into this world. All from different parts of the US. What was unknown to them is the fact that they would become best friends. As fate would have it the men met for the first time in the United States Marine Corps.

They quickly made a name for themselves, often being referred to as the boat pigs or by what fellow marines called them individually as Niggit, Happy, and Ogre. It was as if the good lord put them together like a puzzle. One was always taking his libo time to the extreme. The other was always so relaxed it's hard for him to take things seriously and the other, the third the back bone of the three. He was the one who kept the other two in line.

Today the circle of friends has a crack, right through the middle. Only time will mend the empty space which I feel now. It was a great opportunity and pleasure to know Michael John Peterson. I love him like a brother.

I know without a doubt in my mind when my time comes, there in front of heavens gate Ogre will be standing to welcome me in with a can of Copenhagen and an ice cold Guinness........ This was written by a close friend of Mike's who spoke at the funeral. His words bring tears to my eyes of a year later. I'm not sure anyone could have said it better....

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