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What Are

Victory Stamps?

Judging by the number of inquiries we get at Radio Guide Magazine, there is still some confusion about just what Victory or War Stamps are. This is a program that was set up in the U.S. and Canada for those individuals who can't afford to buy a 1943 War Bond all at once. Arch Oboler explained it this way after the February 23rd episode of his popular Lights Out program -

Eight 25c stamps, eight hand grenades. Six 25c stamps, one winter combat helmet. Thirty 10c stamps, a pair of jungle fighting boots. An anti-tank mine for fifteen 50c stamps. A commando trench knife for forty 10c stamps. Every empty space you fill in with your stamp album adds to the rain of steel going in and against the enemy. Every time you fill your album and turn it in for a bond, well, you turn it into a bomb. You turn the rain of steel into a hurricane. Your way to do more to help beat the Axis, is by buying enough stamps to fill the empty spaces in your stamp book, then turn it in for a War Bond.

With your help, we can make 1943 the turning point in the war, and a step closer to Victory in Europe.

Buy Victory Bonds or Stamps!

I don't want to get any messages saying that we are holding our position...
we are advancing constantly and we aren't interested in holding onto anything...

General Patton

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