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Stupendous Man!

On page 46 of Something Under The Bed Is Drooling, Calvin dons a cape, and attempts to fly, no mention of Stupendous Man though.

On page 10 of Yukon Ho Calvin dons a cape and declares "This is a job for . . . ", but still no mention of Stupendous Man yet.

Stupendous Man! At the top of page 75 of Yukon Ho, we get our first glimpse of Stupendous Man, although he does not yet have his official costume. This is the one where Calvin is at the top of the slide and is afraid to go down.

On pages 115 - 116 of Weirdos from Another Planet, the world is finally safe from wrong-doers! Dictators and criminals beware! Stupendous Man has arrived!
Stupendous Man appears again on page 127. A great way to close the book.

Stupendous Man is back on page 82 of Revenge of the Baby-Sat. He reverses the spin of the Earth, so time goes backward.

Stupendous Man returns briefly on page 87 of Revenge of the Baby-Sat. Calvin is trying to avoid cleaning his room. Mom fixes her mind-scrambling eyeball on him, and he suddenly feels compelled to do her bidding.

Stupendous Man returns on pages 17 - 18 of Scientific Progress Goes 'Boink'. He uses a lens off the observatory telescope to direct the sun's light at the school, burning it up and leaving a smoldering crater where the school once was.
In the same book, Stupendous Man makes an appearance in a Rosalyn story-line that runs from page 88 - 92. Stupendous Man fools Rosalyn into searching for Calvin outside, while Calvin is really back inside with Hobbes.

On page 103 of Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons , another adventure of Stupendous Man begins. It involves an increase in the Earth's gravity, and large snowballs. It continues through page 104.

Stupendous Man makes a brief appearance on page 131 of The Days Are Just Packed. Susie remarks that virtual reality has nothing on Calvin.

Starting on page 69 of Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat, Calvin smuggles his Stupendous Man costume into school, and uses Stupendous Man's stupendous knowledge to answer his test questions. Story runs through page 74.
The back cover of the book is a full-color depiction of a scene from the above Stupendous Man story.

On page 95 of It's a Magical World, as Calvin dons his Stupendous Man costume, he observes "As usual, the hero business is up to me".

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