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Shattered Ending - by Emily Shattered Ending
By Emily August 2001

*He´s leaving soon* She thought as she walked up to him in engineering. It was empty save for the two of them. She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted to continue speaking to him, walking with him, sharing experiences and thoughts. *well, at least the future me will be able to do that*. But there was one thing she had to know.
“Mind if I ask you one last question”
“Will I have to break the temporal prime directive to answer it?”
*yes, yes, tell me everything*
“Maybe just a little. For two people who started of as enemies, it seems we get to know each other pretty well. So I've been wondering…just how close do we get?”
*Oh my, he was not expecting that question. He looks hesitant, maybe I shouldn’t have asked?…*
“Let’s just say there are some barriers…we never cross.”
*Oh, I know what that means, it means we never had sex, probably never even kissed, shame. He looks disappointed as well, I wonder…*
She took a step closer to him, standing so close she could smell him.
“I’m sorry” she said. She really was, while she could understand why it was that way, she was sad for herself, and for him.
He smiled a sad smile.
“Don’t be. We’re best friends, and that isn’t bad at all.”
They stood staring at each other for a while. Like the space they inhabited had frozen.
Then she took a deep breath and put her hand gently on his cheek and cupped it. It seemed inevitable that there mouths should lock, all it took was a slight movement on both their parts and then they were there. It was hesitant at first. But as they both relaxed in the knowledge that the other wouldn’t jerk away the kiss being bolder and more passionate for every second. Soon arms and hands joined in. She wrapped her arms around his neck and tried to press every inch of her body against his. She moaned softly into his mouth as he trailed his lips along her chin and cheeks. His hands were also roaming her body, up across her neck, down her back where he squeezed her so hard against him he was afraid she’d be crushed.
The kiss went on and on, when they both slowly drew back they were both flushed with passion.
She gave him a hug, resting her head securely in the crook of his neck. He stroked her hair soothingly.
“Our first kiss?” she asked in a muffled voice.
“Too bad I won’t remember it”
For a minute Chakotay wished he too, would forget. It would be very difficult to just be friends with her now that he knew what her lips tasted like, what her body felt like pressed against his, and had heard her throaty moan.
She moved away slightly and looked at him seriously
“You should remind me”
He smiled down at her, that wasn’t a bad idea.
“Yes…I should remind you
They both smiled.
“Well, I´d better get to the bridge. See you in the future.”


Their conversation had come to a halt. Sitting in her quarters drinking the wine with her in companionable silence he wondered if he really should do this. He could still feel her kiss and marvelled at the fact that, for him, that was just a few hours ago.
“Penny for your thoughts”
“What…oh, I was thinking about something that happened during my…away mission”
“Oh…care to fill me in?”
“You know I can’t do that”
“Why not? If it happened in the past there’s no harm in me finding out”
“I´d rather not”.
“Alright, suit yourself.”
He smiled at her, he knew she was dying to know what it was but wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of showing it.
She stood up, beginning to clean up the remnants of their dinner and putting them in the recycler. He stood up and walked so that he was standing behind her.
She turned around slowly and they were standing as close as they had been in engineering.
“Yes” she said with a smile.
He moved his head towards hers.
“Forgive me” he mumbled just as he kissed her.
He could tell she was shocked but she didn’t move away, so neither did he. After a minute she tentatively started returning his kissed with her own. Her arms wound themselves up his shoulders and her hands ran through his hair. He shuddered. The kiss went on and on. They lost all thought of where and when they were. Finally, the need for air brought them up from their kiss and they looked at each other through hazy eyes.
“Wow” she said
He smiled down at her.
“Our second kiss?”
Hearing her say almost exact the same thing she had said in engineering he looked at her wondering if she actually did remember, but the look in her eyes was innocent so he chose to believe that it was just a coincidence.
“Yes, our second kiss” he conceded
“But far from the last” she said cupping his cheek.
“Far from the last” he said smiling and drew her into a deep hug


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