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Isengard MUD: The Quest for Mordor


My page, as you can see has gone through quite a few changes through invisible borders that are frames. You can email me to link sites if you also have an isengard site, to ask some information (if I know the answer), to just talk, and what will really be appreciated is if you emailed me a history of your profile on isengard (good experiences, bad, you name it).

This Page was Last Updated (To the Month): July 2000

Haven't updated in a while! Here goes. Isengard has recently wiped its entire player database, so now players must rebuild their characters if they still wish to play. Accompanying this player purge comes a new code, which probably for the worse has happened since all classes in general require a minimum of 7 con to maintain the hp they needed prior to the wipe. Barbarians have recently been given the skill of bezerk which increases hp momentarily and attack rate. Bonuses and detriments occur when constitution reaches 18 and 6 respectively. This means that a plus is awarded at 18 while a minus is added to 6.

NEW! I've now began a section where you can see the perms by and in celduin, how much experience they give, their general direction, their level, and what they drop. There are mistakes so please feel free to email me corrections if there is misguided information. You can access the table by clicking Here

Relatively new dms include Oligarchy, Gimli, Aragorn, along with CT Pippin, (a.k.a Ansette).

If anyone who plays isengard would like to share their experiences on isengard, good or bad, please email them to me at

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The following paragraphs and links will show you what the people of isengard are doing...

I have also placed the isengard policy which can also be read at their official site. Click Here To see the Policy


Isengard is a MUD (multi-user dungeon) which is based on the book The Hobbit. Of course since then the mud has changed drastically, yet the mission for each individual pretty much stays at a constant. The objective of the game, for most, is to attain high levels and vast treasures which include the many quests which this universe has to offer. Generally, those who begin will find themselves lost at first, but it is with time and patience that you will begin to learn the ways of the lands. Whether to meet old friends, explore climatic goals, or to journey behind realms unknown to most, you too will find these very hidden wonders.


How To Get Started:

Beginners who are first starting to mud on Isengard should take into account the following tips: Generally, these tips will be similar to those placed by others within their websites (see link page). Some basic guidelines which should help you out are as follows:

1) Try not to venture beyond the reaches which Celduin has to offer. Celduin is the city in which everyone who first creates a character begins at (specifically at the Tree of Life). If you are totally new to Isengard, I recommend that you spend your time in celduin and gradually work up while getting to know this land. After you make friends or gain high in levels, you can then begin to explore the other cities, such as Finwe, Parth, and smaller cities such as Shantytown, Hyskos (which is actually quite huge), and Hamfast.

2) Try to be patient. In the beginning, it will seem hard for most new-comers yet as time will progress, hopefully you shall begin to gain more knowledge about the land. You should stay in places such as Golden Griffon Tavern, the pasture, or group with others who you know so that you can kill greater monsters while at low levels, such as hobbit warriors.

3) Do not play in lag. As anyone will tell you, most players who have experienced lag sometimes die. Most will agree with me that lag amounts for perhaps the 1# killer. This lag is frequently caused by the distance you are from the Isengard server in California, or other factors such as the amount of people who are on. You can typically avoid this by playing at non-prime hours.

4) I also suggest that if you are truly a beginner, you find someone you know, and help each other out. Usually, if you have friends or good connections you can level one of your characters to 10 without extreme effort, provided that you group with high level stunners/circlers; this will vary greatly depending on your skills on previous muds, your typing ability, and your patience. Typing fast however is key since your reaction time should not be enormously delayed.

5) Do not ask many people for help, especially if you do not know them. You can try to ask them once, but if they don’t respond, then you should halt. Not everyone is friendly and those who repeatedly ask for favors/questions will make people furious, and often will ignore you.

Well, I am sure there is many more suggestions which others can teach you, but this is all I can think of off hand. A list of communication commands will also be displayed upon request.


Basic Commands

These commands are a very brief account of the many commands which are in use! NOTE: Just because a command is not listed does not mean it is not effective.

-“who”: When typing this, this command will display a screen in which you can see all the personnel who are currently logged on. Their titles and race will follow after their name. Please note that just because you see someone who isn’t in this screen, it does not necessarily mean that they are not on. They could be invisible or a DM, in which case the DM can pretty do whatever (s)he wants.

-“finger”: When using this command, you will shortly see the last time (to the very second) the target person was on. For example: finger Magie. This command will show you the last time character ‘Magie’ logged on. Also will follow the title and the race which s(he) is.

-“quit”: This allows you to exit safely without hesitation. However at times it will ask you to please wait such and such seconds. If this occurs use the next command listed below.

-“#disconnect”: This command allows you to disconnect safely at ANY time, even in mid-battle. Quite effective…

-“save”: This command is actually used more than we expect. Automatically when you die the account saves itself, and once you log out it also saves. So why “save”? Well if you just gathered a lot of treasure of a good portion of experience points, you will want to save right after. The reasoning behind this is that should the game suddenly crash, you will not be able to regain that treasure you once possessed.


Communication and Related Commands

There are many methods which you can communicate to other players.

SAY: This sends your message to everyone belonging in the same room as the room in which you reside in. Command: say .

TELL: This sends your message to the target player which you deliver this message to. Command: tell .

BROADCAST: This sends your message to everyone logged on, whether invisible or not. Command: broadcast (abbreviation acceptable, i.e. bro) . Limited broadcasts are in effect.

CLASS: This sends your message to all who share your same class with you. For example, if you’re a mage and you use this command, all other mages will also receive your message. Command: class .

EMOTE: This allows a player to create unique phrases or sentences for others to see. To start an emote, for example say you want the screen to appear to others as: “Magie attacks you for 150 damage”. With this the command to do so is: Emote attacks you for 150 damage. (omit the period) By default, a period will placed after each emoted sentence; additionally your characters name will also be seen as well.

IGNORE: This allows you to ignore a specific player or everyone. For everyone use the command: Set ignore. For a specific player, use the command: ignore . To reverse an ignore, simply type clear ignore (for everyone) or ignore again to stop ignore.



Quests often consist of spells, however not always. Quests can also be keys, kegs of beer, conch shells, etc. Others such as scrolls are quests (i.e. sienna, burnt, wax tablets, and blue scrolls). Recent scrolls have been implemented (sepia and bowl) and are available for those who search and boldly explore. Sorry, you’re on your own here! If you need a basic hint as to the general area, you can e-mail me but I won’t give any details!