Something I wrote

Here is something I wrote during a heavy class at school the other day.

As I sit in class I see five people. All hard at work. All competing with each other. Each ones dreams written on the paper before them. Their futures are theirs to capture. The more their peers fail, the better they will become

They all sit. Writing down the answers that were programed into their minds only weeks before. If one dares to be different, they will fail. If one shows an answer that displays originality or imagination, they will surely be punished.

No one can survive in the real world by being themselves. In order to survive in todays society one must conform themselves to a template of the accecptable teenage male.

Well, fuck you all because I refuse to do so. I refuse to do what you want me to.

I refuse to be a MAN. In order to be a man I must -

I refuse to do these things. I refuse to become a carbon copy of my father. I refuse to be swayed by your pathetic pop cultres and your ridiculus styles and fasions. I wil not be influenced and I will not influence. I will be myself. I will be exactly who I want to be.

But who am I trying to fool. There is no way I can stop the steamroller of pop culture. Sure, I can be who I want, but I'll be branded a freak and a reject and be punished for these so called 'crimes'. My only friends will be people amazed at how I survive in this conformed society. They will only hang around waiting until the day that I end my life, showing that i finally succumbed to their views. Well hear this, keep waiting you pathetic hollow people. I will never become or do what you wish me to for one reason.

Suicide = The Ultimate Conformity

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