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Zac is a 10 year old male that has taught me more about handling livestock than I ever imagined a dog could. He is a very strong dog who reads his stock exceptionally well. Zac works any kind of livestock and does it with authority. I feel extremely privileged to share a partnership with this dog. Zac is retired from trialing as well as the tough ranch work. He has moved into the house and loves to play fetch with Mike. He still gets to help set sheep for the pups which he absolutely loves. This dog owes me nothing and has earned his retirement on my couch. (Which of course I can't get him to get on but you get the point.)

We are excited to announce that Zac won the 2007 All Around Stockdog award sponsored by the "Working Border Collie magazine". This award recognizes the dog who works both cattle and sheep to a high standard. It is won by the dog who places the highest between the National Cattle and Sheepdog final's. Way to go Zac!!!

Click HERE to see picture's of Zac at the 2005 National Sheepdog Finals.

Zac's Pedigree

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