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Nell is an 11 year old female who is a granddaughter of Turnbull's Nap and Brady's Scott. She is a very biddable dog who is as confident and assertive with stock as most dogs I've seen. Nell is a very "come forward" type of dog. She's really been an asset to our place both as a working dog and a producer. There are several good young dogs hitting the trial scene that are out of Nell. Several more are earning their keep daily on cattle and sheep ranches throughout the country.

Nell is retired and has moved into the house. Although she has slowed down quite a bit and we don't take her for any long days she still loves to provide backup for the young dogs. She is the foundation to our whole line and we feel privileged she came into our lives.

Exciting news! Tommy Wilson and Sly (Nell x Spot) were named the 2007 Reserve National Sheepdog Champions. Way to go Tommy and Sly! They are an outstanding team and a joy to watch work.

We're also very proud to say that Nell had 5 of her offspring in the 2005 National Nursery Finals. Three of these young dog's made the top 15. Way to go Sly, Chip and Kate!

Nell's pedigree

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