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Jag's page

We just recently lost our beloved Jag. He was one day shy of being 9 years old and it still feels like my heart was ripped apart at the sudden loss of him. He was a very talented working dog but also my best bud and I will miss his brown eyes staring straight into my soul. Til we meet again Jag!

L & M Jag. He is a son of Spot and Nell. Jag is 7 years old now and is everything we had hoped for from this cross. He is a strong dog with a lot of walk up power. He's got good feel for his livestock and has a "come forward" type of attitude. Jag works both sheep and cattle equally well. He's strong on the head of cattle and bites hard. Jag also has one of the best personalities anyone could ask for! Yep, I'm sure you can tell, we think the world of this boy!

There are a few of Jag's offspring hitting the ground now and showing great promise. We look forward to watching them grow and continue with their training. Watch for updates as they mature.

Click here for Jag's pedigree.