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Heero's English Lesson

These character aren't mine if you didn't already know so don't sue me! PLEASE!!!!!!

It also contains a bit of bad language. Not much, but some.

This was writen by: Quatre (Trowa's Koi)

Dr. J's face pops up on the screen, and what an ugly face it is.

Dr. J: Heero, the next mission will be in America so you and the other pilots will be transfered to an American school by tommorrow morning.

Heero: Hai.

**With that he shut off the computer and turned to get something to eat. In the Kitchen Duo, Quatre, and Trowa were talking.**

Duo: Yo, Heero!

Heero: Did you get the new mission orders?

Duo: Yup!

Quatre: Do you know English, Heero?

** Heero glares at Quatre.**

Duo: Hey! I can teach you. Quatre already knows English so he's going to teach Trowa.


**WuFei walks in. (He just got up.)**

Quatre: WuFei, did you get the new orders?

WuFei: What orders?

Quatre: the ones about going to America. I'm so excited! I've never been there before!

**WuFei just makes himself a cup of cofee.**

Quatre: Ne, WuFei you don't know English either, do you?

**WuFei just glares at him.**

Quatre: I'll teach you! I'm teaching Trowa too!

Duo: You're enjoying this, aren't you Quatre?

** Quatre smiles happily.**

WuFei: I don't need any of your help.

**Later in the day the groups split up to go study or teach.**

Duo: Ok! I'll start off easy, ok?

Heero: ...

Duo: **sweatdrops* You know, you are going to have to speak for this.

**Quatre was teaching Trowa greetings such as "Hello" and "How are you?" when laughter could be heard coming from down the hall.**

Quatre: What's that?

Trowa: Sounds like Duo.

Quatre: Lets go see what's going on.

** The two got up to go down the hall. Mean while, in WuFei's room.**

WuFei:H..Helo. hOw Ar U. AHH!!! How am I suppost to learn this by tommorrow!?!?!

**Duo was now practically rolling on the floor by the time Trowa and Quatre make it to the room.**

Duo: Ok, ok. Now say "I want to have your baby'.

Heero: I..WA-nt toh hahv yur bahbi.

Duo: Wahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Heero: What am I saying?

Duo: Hahaha... I'll tell... haha you when... hahaha we finish! Wahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Quatre: Um... Duo, what are you doing?

Duo: Hahaha... huh? Oh, Quatre this is soo much fun!!

Quatre: But... shouldn't you be teaching him stuff he can use?

Heero: Wait a second. What do you mean? What is he making me say!?!

Quatre: **Gets a bit uneasy.** Well, he's- umph--

**Duo clamped his hands over Quatre's mouth.**

Duo: I'm teaching you English! What do you think!

Heero: I don't even know what I'm saying!!

**WuFei was having problems of his own.**

WuFei: Nataku!!! Help me!!

**WuFei looks like he was on the verge of crying.**

WuFei: Nataku!! Teach me English!!!! Please!!!!

**He was now hugging Shenlong's foot.**

WuFei: Nataku....

**Back in Duo's room the arguement continues.**

Heero: Duo!!!

**Heero was holding Duo up against the wall by his callor. Quatre is trying to calm him down.**

Duo: Ma! Ma! Heero!!!

Quatre:Heero!! Let go of Duo! He didn't make you say anything too bad!!

**Trowa was in the background watching with amusement.**

Trowa (in his thoughts): Duo's in for it.

**A smile almost made it on Trowa's face.**

Quatre: Heero, let him go!! Trowa!! Help me!!

Heero: Duo!!!! What do you make me say!?!?!?! Damnit!!

Trowa: **snicker**

** Quatre goes over to Trowa.**

Quatre: Trowa!! WWe have to get him to let go! He's going to hurt Duo!!

Trowa: **in a whisper.** What did he make him say?

Quatre: Trowa!

Trowa: Fine, fine.

** It took a while, but they eventually manage to calm Heero down. Duo wasn't allowed to teach him English, anymore so Quatre was given the job. When it got to be about 12:00 pm they all went to bed. Well, Duo probably went ot bed earlier since he didn't have to do anything more than pack his stuff for the trip.**

**WuFei fell asleep in the Gundam hanger next to Shenlong.**

Wufei: Eh?

**The sunlight woke him up before everyone else.**

WuFei: Nataku?

**Shenlong was now glowing a stange shade of green. All of a sudden a beem of light, coming from Shenlong, shot a WuFei.**

WuFei: AAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

**With that he fell to the floor, passed out.**

Shenlong: (Don't ask, but Shnlong can talk to WuFei in this fic.) There you are, my son.

** The plane ride was.... intersting. Heero was still pissed of at Duo because Quatre told him what he said, well, at least what Quatre had heard which goes to Duo's benefit since Quatre missed a LOT of stuff. Quatre was talking to Trowa. And Duo decided to sit next to WuFei and bug him.**

** They were all to share the same room and go to a D.C. public school, this way the Doctor's didn't have to pay for tuition. (editor: Oh, guess were Quatre and I go to school. Go on, guess!) Well, they don't pay anything do they? Oh, who cares, I feel like sticking them there.**

Duo: Hey! Heero! do you have the homework?

Heero: No.

Teacher: Will you two shut up and do the quiz!

** Classes went on in that manner pretty much.**

Teacher: Wu-ku, would you care to answer the next question?

WuFei: It WUFEI!

Tacher: Yeah, yeah. Answer the question.

WuFei: What was that, Bi@tch?

** The class begins to snicker.**

Teacher: what did you say to me!?!

WuFei: **With an inocent look on his face.** What was that, Bi@tch?

**A bunch of people just laugh aloud.**

Teacher: Speak like that to me again and you go to the guidence councilor!!

WuFei: F*ck you, bi@tch! **Now, the whole class in laughing and a voice or two are heard saying, "He's in for it!" and "D@mn!!"

Teacher: That's it!!

** The teacher grabed WuFei's arm and draged him out of the room.**

Quatre: Duo, did you teach him those?

Duo: No! He didn't let either of us teach him, remember?

Quatre: But, then where did he learn them?

** It turns out that Nataku had been the one that taught WuFei, amazingly. But Nataku had taught him foul language and he was taught how to use them in place of other words. Poor WuFei. All he can say are curse words. Oh, well.**

** School life was... interesting for the gundam pilots. WuFei was unable to join them on the mission. He had detention, BIG time! But, neverther the less, the mission went smoothly and they all returned to their home happy, well, except WuFei.**

THE END! ^.^

Quatre: Hope you enjoyed! This is the first fic I wrote BY MYSELF!! ^.^ Tell me what you think!

^.^' hehehe Heero got mad at me for not saying this. He (it's really a she, just so you know) gave me the idea. Now you know. **sniff sniff** I can't do anything on my own!!!!!!!!! This stinks!!!! well, I'll let you go on to whereever you please... **sniff**

Duo: Yeah, Quatre went and wrote this without me while I was on vacation. Hmph. But I editted it. Quatre and I have some rather poor spelling... you can tell we're DCPS students....

e-mail me (Quatre)! ^.^

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