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DISCLAIMER* overall these character do not belong to me... and well... please don't sue me or using them!!!! oh... and *.....* when there are those star thingys... it is a thought... ^.^ have fun!!


Life had changed for the GW boys after the war, they became normal students (most of them anyway). They all still had their seperate jobs, but still managed to all be in schools near each other.

Heero and Duo were at the same school. Trowa and WuFei were at another school. But Quatre ended up in a private school, so he was by himself.


"Thank GOD!!" Duo sighed after leaving school after the last midterm. "Time to PARTY!"

"We have a basketball game Monday. We should practice."

Duo looked at Heero, "No way. We deserve a break after all that!!!"

Heero just looked at him.

"Hey! Since it is only 12:00 let's go to Wufei and Trowa's school and see if they wanna hangout!"

Heero shrugged.



Quatre jumped, "huh?" He turned around to be face to face with Yurika, a girl from he fencing club.

"You're done testing, right?"

"Yeah...." Quatre answered a bit nervously.

"Great!!! Let's go get ice-cream!!" With that, she grabbed Quatre's arm and started to drag him away.

"AAH!! Wait!! I-" Quatre tried to pull away from the girl but she was abnormally strong. "Wait!"

"Huh?" She turned around finally noticing that Quatre was resisting. "What is it?"

"I kind of already have plans."

"Whaaat!?!?!" Yurika answered with watery eyes. "But, we were going to spend the day together!"

"I have to go...."

"Alright...." Yurika answered with watery eyes. "Hey! Where are you going?"

"To meet a friend."

"Can I come!?!"

"Uh..." Quatre began to panic *OH NO!! I'm meeting Trowa!! I have to get away from her!!* "Uh... I don't think you should...." *Please work!!*

"Aaawwww!! Fine..." Yurika raised her hand and waved as she began to walk to the cafeteria, "see ya!"

"Bye!!" Quatre waved, very happy. *Thank god!! She's starting to scare me!*


"I hope they didn't leave yet!" Duo said quickening his pace. As Duo and Heero went around the corner they saw Trowa waiting in front of the school. "Trowa!!" Duo called.

Trowa turned and waved.

"Where's Wu-man?"

"In the dojo, of course..." Trowa said, sweatdropping, "along with his fan club..."

"Uh..." Duo sweatdroped. "Well, looks like you have one too." Duo said, motioning to the girls huddled over by a tree looking their way.

"Actually, they're your fan club, Duo."

"Wha?" Duo paused, "How..?"

"You do come here often, so they follow me in hopes of seeing you."

"Aahhhh...... I thought she looked farmiliar," Duo said pointing to the girl with the shortest skirt. "I've seen her around our school."

"Yeah..." Heero agreed.

"Trowa!!!" They heard from behind them. They all turned to see Quatre runnning their way. Trowa smiled.

"Sorry i am late," Quatre said catchinghis breath, "but,...Yurika tried to drag me off agin..."

"Yurika?" Duo asked.

"Yeah....she is the most agressive one of Quatre's fans..." Trowa said, coldly.

Duo was taken aback, *Haven't seen him like that since the war!!*"ok...Wufei has fans, I have fans, Quatre has fans, Heero scares people....what about you, Trowa?"

Trowa was about to respond when a ball cam flying their way. "AH!! Gomen!!" A girl called while running to retrieve the ball.

Trowa picked up the ball and tossed it to her.

"Ah!! Barton-kun!" the girl blurted blushing a bit, "Gomennasai!!!" Trowa just looked at her, so she turned and ran to continue practicing with her friends.

"Go, Trowa!!" Duo smiled happily while elbowing Trowa. "She's a cute one!"

Trowa glared at him.


It was Saturday, there was no school, so the boys had all gone out to have some fun.

"HA!!" Duo laughed, "Beat ya!!!"

"Duo, that's the third time.......," Quatre sighed.

"Step aside," Heero said walkingup to the game.

"Bring it on!!"

"Come on, Heero!!" Quatre cheered.

Unknown by the boys, a girl was across the room watching them.

"What!?!?!" Duo gasped, in defeat.

"You never mess with the PERFECT soldier." Heero ansered with a grin.

"Heero!" Duo said holding up 100 yen, "one more time!!"

Heero laughed, "Give it up Duo."

"WuFei!! Play you!!"

"Duo..." WuFei sighed, "you'veplayed us ALL....."

"Come on!!"

"Duo, can we go?" Quatre asked, "I'm hungry."

"Fine........" Duo sighed.

The boys left the aecade and started towalk down the street, in search of a cheap place to eat. The girl that was watchign them started to follow, but another girl noticed her actions and went up to her.

"What are you doing," the girl asked crossing her arms.


"You have to stay away from Duo!"

"Duo?" The girl laughed, "I'm after Quatre!"

"Really?" The other girl became whide eyed, "he's soo......femanine!"

"Hey! Don't ta--"

"AH! They're getting away!!" The girl turned and started running after the boys.

"Hey! Wait up!!" The other girl called.

But, as both girls turmed the corner they saw th e boys inside a McDonalds ordering food.

The girl after Duo started to walk inside....."Wait! What are you doing!?"

"Getting lunch......"

"But, they'kk see us!"

"We'll just say we're out shopping."

"Uh.....ok........" The girl after Quatre replied. "Heym I don't even know your name..."

"Oh!! Sorry!! I'm Sayaka," She said holding out her hand.

"Yurika," with that they shook hands and went in to get some food.


"AAAAHHHH!!!" Quatre almost screamed, jumping behind Trowa.

"What are you doing?" Duo asked eyeing Quatre strangely.

"She!!!!!! She'!!" Quatre whispered while pointing at the counter where the girls were order food.

"Who's she...hey!!!" Duo pointed, "Isn't that the girl from your school, Trowa?"

"Oh, yeah....."

" that the YURIKA you mentioned before?"

"Yeah....." Quatre sighed, " she's REALLY agressive!"

Duo laughed.


The two girls got their fod and sat semi-close to the guys.

"Hey," Yurika said to Sayaka, "Ever get the feeling that they're already with someone?"

"I don't care," Sayaka said swallowing her food, "I'm going to get Duo, no matter what!! You're the same, right?"

"Yeah...." Yurika sighed, "You don't know how many times I've tried to get him to go somewhere with me!! He ALWAYS has to meat his friend!!"

"Well, at least you guys go to the same school..." Sayaka sighed, "Duo doesn't even knwo who i am, YET!!"

"Hey!!" Yurika grinned, "Wanna ask them if the want to go bowling? It's a goo way to see buuutts!!"


"Yeah, when they're leaveing we can just happen to run into them."

"Yeah!! Lets do it!!!"


The boys had finished eating and were heading out.

*Pleas don't let her see me!! pleasedon'tletherseeme!!* Quatre prayed.

"Ah! Gomennasai!" Yurika said aftee accidentally backing into Trowa.

"It's ok.." Trowa said raising his hand.

*OH SHIT!!* Quatyre screamed in hismind.

"huh?" Yurika said seeing Quatre, "Quatre-kun, what are you doing here!?"

"Uh..."Quatre started to panic.

"Yurika!" Another girl called, "what are you doing?" Just then Sayaka reentered, and joined in on the fun.

"Oh! Gomen, Sayaka!" Yurika said turning to Sayaka. "Hey! We're going bowlig, and it is more fun with more people." Yurika said turning back to the boys," You guys wanna come? It(ll be fun!!"

"uh...I...I do--"

"Sure", Trowa said cutting Quatre off, Quatre stared at him, shocked.

"Great!!" Yurika said clapping her hands together. "Oh! Let me interducemy friend...this is Sayaka." She sai motioning to Sayaka.

"Hi!" Sayaka grinned.

Yurika looked t Quatre, "Aren't you going to introduce your friends?"

"Oh!" Quatre said snapping out of his daze, " Thisis Trowa, Duo, Heero, and WuFei." He motioned to each when he said their name.

"Well!! Shall we go?"


They managed to get 2 lanes at the bowling alley, so the just needed to split into teams.

"OK! Heero, Trowa, Quatre, and me area team! WuFei, you're with the girls." Duo said happily.

"WHA---!?!?!" WuFei protested, "that's not JUST, Maxwell!!!"


"That's not fair! Why am I stuck with two girls against the four of you!?!?!"

"I was going to say girls vs. guys butthat is REALLY unfair. You're the ALL powerful WuFei!! You can handle this!"

"Don't try to sweet talk me, Maxwell!!"

"Quatre-kun! Why don't you join our team12 Yurika said happily.

"Oh, sorry. Trowa already put my name on the sheet and we can'T erase it. "*thank god* Quatre thought with a sigh.

"Only Duo's name isnT' on it," Heero added.

"huh!?!" Heero grinned at him. "ok, ok. fine....I'm on yor team........." Duo said turning to Heero and giving him puppy eyes. "Ok! Lets play!!"

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